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Album BTR: Til I forget about you, Boyfriend, City is ours, Nothing even matters, Worldwide, Halfway there, Big Night, Oh Yeah, Count On You, I know you know, Big Time Rush

Album ELEVATE: Music Sounds Better With U, Show Me, All Over Again, No Idea, Cover Girl, Love Me Love Me, If I ruled the World, Invisible, Time of our Life, Superstar, You’re not alone, Elevate

Weitere Songs: Famous, Any Kind of Guy, This is our someday, Beautiful Christmas, All I want for Christmas, 12 Days of Christmas, Let’s Stay in our PJs, The Mom Song, Dance, Dance, Dance, Stuck, Paralyzed, Shot in the dark, Blow Your Speakers, Epic, Intermission


da fehlt noch I want to hold your hand :)


Famous, Any Kind of Guy, This is our someday sind auf dem album BTR!


Das sind Bonus-Tracks, die nur auf der Germany-Edition (die es in Deutschland und Österreich zu kaufen gibt) drauf sind, auf dem eigentlichen Album (wie es z.B. in den USA veröffentlicht wurde) sind diese Songs nicht dabei.



EP Big Time Movie Soundtrack: Hard Day's Night, Revolution, Help, Can't Buy Me Love, I Wanna Hold Your Hand, We Can Work It Out (alles Covers von Beatles-Songs, die im Film Big Time Movie verwendet wurden)


Famous Any kind of guy City is ours Oh yeah This is our someday Nothing even matters Boyfriend Boyfriend ft Snoop dogg Boyfriend ft. New boyz Big time Big night Till I forget about you Count on you ft jordin sparks I know you know ft cymphonique Stuck Worldwide Halfway there Music sounds better with you ft Mann Show me All over again No idea Cover girl Love me love me If I ruled the world ft iyaz Invisible Time of our life Superstar You're not alone Elevate All I want for christmas is you ft Miranda cosgrove Beautiful christmas Epic Intermission Blow your speakers Logan Henderson and ras song(hab es nur so auf YouTube gefunden) Dance dance dance

  1. "Til I Forget About You"
  2. "Boyfriend"
  3. "City Is Ours"
  4. "Nothing Even Matters"
  5. "Worldwide"
  6. "Halfway There"
  7. "Big Night"
  8. "Oh Yeah"
  9. "Count On You" (featuring Jordin Sparks)
  10. "I Know You Know" (featuring Cymphonique)
  11. "Big Time Rush"
    -Music Sounds Better with U" (featuring Mann)
    -. "Show Me"

- "All Over Again"
- "No Idea"
- "Cover Girl"
- "Love Me Love Me"
-. "If I Ruled the World" (featuring Iyaz)
- "Invisible"
- "Time of Our Life"
- "Superstar"
- "You're Not Alone"
- All I want for Christmas is you - Famous - Beautiful christmas - any kind of guy

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