Alles richtig geschrieben ( Englisch, Rechtschreibung Grammatik )?

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Hi Sue,

I think you should try to forget him. He doesn't deserve you. He broke up with a stupid text message, which shows how immature he is. You deserve better and I'm sure you'll get over him. Now you're of course sad and mad, and you are allowed to be that, but it's also important to move on and to heal the deep scars inside of your heart. I mean, who cares about him? Maybe later he'll perceive what he has lost. Stay happy, enjoy your life and show him what a beautiful and strong person you are. Don't think you're dependent on him. He isn't your drug. You can live without him! You've had a good life before you met him. Never forget that. I'll give you a piece of advice: To avoid pain you can put all the photos and presents which remember you of him in a box and stop looking at them. I hope that I could help you and you should know that you can always talk to me, about everything.

Love, Mina


Das wäre mein Vorschlag. Habe versucht so wenig wie möglich abzuändern, nur ein paar Rechtschreib- oder Grammatikfehler.

Liebe Grüsse vom PurpleRacoon:)

He doesn't deserve you.
Most of all, he broke up with you in a stupid text message.
Of course you're sad and mad now and you're allowed to be trat, but it's also time to move on and heal the deep wounds inside of your heart.
I mean who cares, maybe he will perceive what he lost..
Be happy, enjoy your life..
Don't think you're addicted to him like he's a drug you cant live without..
..and avoid places which remind you of him.
.. you should know that you can always talk to me.

Ich hab das 'scars' in wounds geändert, da es einfach besser passt. Narben sind ja immerhin schon geheilt :)

Dankeschön :))


und denk an den Unterschied von "your" und "you're" :D


Der Sinn und Zweck von Hausaufgaben ist, dass man sein erlerntes Wissen umsetzt. Die Fehler, die dabei gemacht werden werden vom Lehrer erklärt und verbessert. Nur so lernt man dann auch diese Fehler in Zukunft zu vermeiden.

Und ja, es täte dir wirklich gut, den Text gemeinsma mit deinem Lehrer zu verbessern.

Um was geht es in dem Lied "What he wanted" von AnnenMayKantereit?

Hi zusammen, wie der Titel schon ahnen lässt, verstehe ich nicht ganz um was es in diesem Lied geht. Ich verstehe den englichen Text größtenteils, aber Inhaltlich versteh ich es irgendwie nicht so ganz. (Habe unten noch den Englischen Text eingefügt)

Was ich eben weiß ist, dass da so ein Zigeuner ist, der wohl allein sein möchte und in die welt gehen und irgenwas mit Herzschmerz oder ähnliches...? Könnt ihr mir helfen?

But though he never knew What heartache is He went out for a single kiss

And he told his father That he's never coming back But maybe with a broken back

He was a gypsy From the coast And what he wanted the most Was being on his own All alone In the dark and the light every night And he'd want nobody to be tired

And he'd get it And hide it and let me down He wanted it all In all the town It got to be the same for me And all he'd ever feel Is the gypsy feeling free

Hey x4

That gypsy from the coast And what he wanted the most That gypsy from the coast And what he wanted the most

All the times that he tried to lie He was able to set his fire All the people around Listening to his sound And he was crazy without no doubt

And he hshfkdvsufjckxgsbdjdjck

And if you like him Just give him some money Come on like him he's very funny

Hey x4

That gypsy from the coast And what he wanted the most That gypsy from the coast And what he wanted the most Interval Oh, that gypsy from the coast What he wanted the most That gypsy from the coast What he wanted the most And though he never knew What heartache is He went out for a single kiss Hey

LG Riman

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Was könnte ich bei dieser Charakterisierung verbessern?

The short story "The Big Race" by Toby Sweet is about a swimmer who feels pity for his opponent and lets him win. This characterization is about the narrator of the story. This boy is a fast swimmer and has to swim two lengths backstroke at Chester-le-Street, on that day. One of his opponents is Gordon Hayes. Before the race, the narrator notices Gordon talking with his father. He is very sceptical and feels that something wrong is going on. Out of curiosity he asks Gordon what the matter is. He gets the answer that Gordon's father will hit his son, if he doesn't win the race. After that, while he is warming up and planning his strategy, the narrator always has to think about that. He is worried and can't concentrate. During the race the boy decides to let Gordon win, because he wants to protect him from his father and feels sorry about that. His behavior is very generous, because he doesn't think about himself in this situation. Probably the shoutig of Mr. Hayes motivates him to do that. Also Gordon has been only a half of a body behind him. Maybe the narrator has thought that Gordon can manage it. At first the boy regrets that he only has come in second. He has doubts about his decision. Maybe the second place isn't enough for him. But he isn't the typical natural winner, because he doesn't have a problem to lose under the existing conditions. He is pleased to see that Gordons father is smiling and knows it has been worth it. He is sure that his decision is right!

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Wie kann ich "Mr. Mumsford" besser analysieren?

Und zwar schreib ich morgen eine Englisch Klausur. Ich habe als Übung den Text "Mr. Mumsford" analysiert. Ich wollt euch fragen, ob ihr mir dabei helfen könntet, es besser zu machen oder mir sagen, wo ich was falsch gemacht habe. Habe ich zu viel Text wiedergegeben oder gehört das beim Analysieren/Intepretieren dazu?" In the given Text " Mr. Mumsford" are two maincharackters, Bibs and the principal. Bibs is a janitor in the small southern school. He starts his work 27 years ago. On his first day he earned by the principal his nickname "Bibs". He doesn´t like this nickname. In 27 years nobody knows his real name. That makes him depressive. He gives the blames to his principal and hate him for that. Bibs starts to think to kill him on one day. That shows his despair.Late at night he catchs the principal in the school. The principal was very surprised. Bibs tells him, that he comes to kill him. The principal is scared and confused. He trys to settle the conflict friendly. That shows, that he is obliging and goes respecktfull with other opionion. He promise him, that he name him and all the other teacher Mr. Mumsford and not bibs. He shows respect.All in all we can say, that Mr. Mumsford was an very depressive man, because his nickname and, that nobody knows his realname. He was so in depressive, that he think to kill the principal.The principal is an very respectfully man, because he accepted the opinion from the janitor and promised him, that everyone say know Mr Mumsford to him."Das ist meine Analyse, ich hab extra Zeilenangaben ausgelassen. Falls ich Grammatikfehler gemacht habe, könnt ihr es auch benennen.

Danke schonmal im Vorraus dass ihr mir dabei hilft.

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Wann benutzt man im englischen to+infinitiv und wann verb+ing?

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Kann mir wer diese englische Zusammenfassung korrigieren?

`The Absolutely True Diay of a part time Indian´ is the abridged adapted version from the novel by Sherman Alexie and is about an Indian Boy. who is going on a all-white-school In the first paragraph, Arnold is flirting with Penelope. She is telling him her dreams, but Arnold laughing at her. He is asking her, what she really want to do with her life. Then she´s telling him, her real dreams. She´s wanting to be a architect. Arnold doesn´t lauhging at her, because it´s his drem too.

In the second paragraph Arnold and Penelope are going with roger and his friends to a diner. He is ordering many things for Penelope and him. But he is sad, because he haven´t money. He is poor. As Arnold going to the toilett, he tells Roger that he has forget his wallet, but Arnold is lying. Roger is understanding and lending him the money. At the school Penelope telling him, that she´s knwoing that he has lending money from roger. She´s asking him, whether he is poor and he didn´t lying to her. Penelope telling it roger and he helping him in the future. Now Arnold knowing that he doesn´t need to lie.

Danke schonmal im vorraus,


Ps: Die Aufgabe war ein Text zusammenzufassen und das in der Jetzt Form

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Charakterisierung Englisch Just Along for a Ride Fehle?!

Wäre lieb, wenn jmnd. drüberschauen könnte und evtl. Fehler findet, Verbesserungsvorschläge...

The story “Just Along for the Ride” by Dennis Kurumada in 1972 is about young boys who dirve in a car and try to flatten a kid. This plan gets out of control and doesn’t turn out well. The main character of the story ”Just Along for a Ride” is a male student, about 16 years old. The protagonist uses everyday language (l.15) He describes himself being “pretty dull” (l.3), because he drives around with his friend who just got his license. In fact he is “cold, damp and bored” (l. 5) what the narrator also tells us directly (the main character is also the narrator. That implies that they aren’t very creative, otherwise he wouldn’t be bored. As the other boys want to flatten a kid he doesn’t agree. On the one hand he has feelings of guilty, he’s a thoughtful person. On the other hand he is scared, which means that he is a careful person and thinks about the consequences. Because of this characteristic he is gibed by his friends. They think that he is a killjoy and not humorous. For example: “You worry too much. Whenever we wanna have some fun, you always chicken out.” (l.15). He isn’t very assertive or strong-minded in the beginning. His friends retune him and oppress him. For instance: “We drive up slow, then swing open the door real fast, and knock the guy on his can,” says Phil (l.10). The protagonist is against it. “You guys are nuts,” he says and “What if they call the cops?” (l.15) Although they still do it. Or in line 34 he wants the driver to stop the car but the driver convinces him that it is necessary to drive on. In the end he feels guilty even if it hasn’t been his idea and he tried to stop the others. That’s why he is really responsible-minded but he also doesn’t want his friends to get in trouble, he’s kind of loyal. He shows his feelings what makes him sensible (l.30). Finally he gets strong-minded and assertive. At night his friends visit him and propose him to forget about the crime. He gets mad and visits the victim, what nobody expects. All in all I think the protagonist is a adorable person. I can identify with the character because it’s realistic how he reacts. Besides I liked it a lot that he did not do what his friends want him to do. He goes his own was and that’s brave. In opposite to the protagonist there’s Phil also a co-driver. He is male, a student and about 16 years old. The first time he says something he cuts off the protagonist (l.8). That’s impolite and not respectful. On top of that he is vicious, careless and sneaky because he has the idea “to drive up to somebody….some kid….and flatten him.”(l.8) He is language is colloquial, e. g. “We wanna have some fun…“ (l.16) and firstly he doesn’t speak fluently (l.8) It seems that he tries to be funny and cool, so the others respect him. In conclusion I think Phil isn’t very authentic and very likeable. I have the impression that he is a daredevil and a false friend.

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