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2005- The Orange Room EP:
1) Moody Ballad of Ed
2) Misery
3) Typical Average
4) Addicted
5) I Love You

2006- Ed Sheeran Album:
6) Open Your Ears
7) Beyond the Pale
8) In Memory
9) Insomniac’s Lullaby
10) Quiet Ballad of Ed
11) No Luck
12) Steven Song
13) Billy Ruskin
14) Spark
15) Pause
16) The Sea
17) Way Home
18) Untitled Track

2007- Want Some? Album:
19) You Break Me
20) I’m Glad I’m Not You
21) You Need to Cut Your Hair
22) Sara
23) Move On
24) Yellow Pages
25) Smile
26) Postcards
27) Two Blokes and a Double Bass
28) The West Coast of Clare
29) I Can’t Spell
[30] You Break Me -Hidden Track (versteckter Titel) ]

2009- You Need Me EP:
31) You Need Me, I don’t Need You
32) So
33) Be Like You
34) The City
35) Sunburn

2010- Loose Change EP:
36) The A Team [replaced by Let It Out]
37) Homeless
38) Little Bird
39) Sofa
40) One Night
41) Firefly
42) The City [Live at Sticky Studios]
43) Firefly [Bravado Dubstep Remix]

2010- Songs I Wrote with Amy EP:
44) Fall
45) Fire Alarms
46) Where We Land
47) Cold Coffee
48) She

2011- No.5 Collaborations Project EP:
49) Lately (Feat. Devlin)
50) You (Feat. Wiley)
51) Family (Feat. P Money)
52) Radio (Feat. JME)
53) Little Lady (Feat. Mikill Pane)
54) Drown Me Out (Feat. Ghettts)
55) Nightmares (Feat. Random Impulse, Sway, And Wretch 32)
56) Goodbye to You (Feat. Dot Dot Rotten)

2011- Plus ( + ) Album:
57) The A team
58) Drunk
59) UNI
60) Grade 8
61) Wake me up
62) Small Bump
63) This
64) The City [Second Version]
65) Lego House
66) You need me, I don’t need you [Second Version]
67) Kiss Me
68) Give me love
[69] The Parting Glass -Hidden Track (versteckter Titel) ]
70) Autumn Leaves [Deluxe]
71) Little Bird [Deluxe]
72) Gold Rush [Deluxe]
73) Sunburn [Deluxe]

2012- The Slumdon Bridge EP: (Ed & Yelawolf)
74) London Bridge
75) You Don’t Know (for ’s Sake)
76) Faces
77) Tone

Ohne Album:
78) Undone
79) Diary
80) We Are
81) Miss You
82) Fall Down
83) Could Just Be The Bassline
84) Saturday
85) Hold On 86) Give Me Love [True Tiger Remix]
87) Give Me Love [New Machine Remix ft. Mic Righteous]
88) I See Fire

89) Angels Can’t Fly (Bashy Ft. Ed Sheeran)
90) Gravity (Master Shortie Ft. Ed Sheeran)
91) Home (Fugative Ft. Ed Sheeran & Sway)
92) Hush Little Baby (Wretch 32 Ft. Ed Sheeran)
93) Suits (Kasha Rae Ft. Ed Sheeran)
94) If I Could (Wiley Ft. Ed Sheeran)
95) Follow Fashion (XO Man Ft. Ed Sheeran, Mikill Pane, Master Shortie & Sincere)
96) Raise ‘Em Up (Alonestar Ft. Ed Sheeran)
97) Sleeping Pills (Aaron London Ft. Ed Sheeran)
98) Real Life (Alonestar Ft. Ed Sheeran)
99) One More Chance (Slix Ft. Ed Sheeran)
100) All Falls Down (Alonestar Ft. Ed Sheeran & Rosie Ribbons)
101) Sleeping With My Memories (Mz Bratt Ft. Ed Sheeran)
102) Young Guns (Lewi White Ft. Ed Sheeran, Yasmin, Devlin & Griminal)

103) 25 Tracks (Mikill Pane Ft. Ed Sheeran)
104) Heaven (David Stewart Ft. Ed Sheeran)
105) Everything Has Changed (Taylor Swift ft. Ed Sheeran)

Geschrieben von Ed:
106) Moments
107) Little Things
108) Over Again

Ed ist der beste :) Also hier sind alle seine Lieder mal aufgelistet. Die stehen auf seiner Website alle auch mit lyrics. Er hat aber auch noch ein paar andere Sachen mit Künstlern zusammen gemacht wie z.B. Die Slumdon Bridge EP zusammen mit yelawolf oder mit kasha rae das Lied 'Suits'. Man muss sich einfach mal tief durch den Youtube djungel kämpfen um alle nicht veröffentlichten oder collabrations Lieder zu finden ;) viel Spaß und hier die Liste :)

The A Team (Ed Sheeran 2011) Drunk (Ed Sheeran 2011) U.N.I. (Ed Sheeran 2011) Grade 8 (Ed Sheeran 2011) Wake Me Up (Ed Sheeran 2011) Small Bump (Ed Sheeran 2011) This (Ed Sheeran 2011) The City (Ed Sheeran 2011) Lego House (Ed Sheeran 2011) You Need Me, I Don’t Need You (Ed Sheeran 2011) Kiss Me (Ed Sheeran 2011) Give Me Love (Ed Sheeran 2011) Fall (Ed Sheeran& Amy Wadge 2009) Fire Alarms (Ed Sheeran& Amy Wadge 2009) Where We Land (Ed Sheeran& Amy Wadge 2009) Cold Coffee (Ed Sheeran& Amy Wadge 2009) She (Ed Sheeran& Amy Wadge 2009) The A Team (Ed Sheeran 2010) (Not Available on Loose Change) Homeless (Ed Sheeran& Anna Krantz 2009) Little Bird (Ed Sheeran 2009) Sofa (Ed Sheeran& Anna Krantz 2009) One Night (Ed Sheeran& Jake Gosling 2010) Firefly (Ed Sheeran 2009) The City (Ed Sheeran& Jake Gosling 2008) You Need Me, I Don't Need You (Ed Sheeran 2008) So (Ed Sheeran 2009) The City (Ed Sheeran& Jake Gosling 2008) Sunburn (Ed Sheeran 2009) You Break Me (Ed Sheeran 2006) I’m Glad I’m Not You (Ed Sheeran 2007) You Need to Cut Your Hair (Ed Sheeran 2006) Sara (Ed Sheeran 2007) Move On (Ed Sheeran& Alonestar 2007) Yellow Pages (Ed Sheeran 2007) Smile (Ed Sheeran 2006) Postcards (Ed Sheeran 2006) Two Blokes and A Double Bass (Ed Sheeran 2006) The West Coast of Clare (Andy Irvine) I Can’t Spell (Ed Sheeran 2007) HIDDEN TRACK You Break Me 2 (Ed Sheeran 2006) Open Your Ears (Ed Sheeran 2005) Beyond the Pale (Ed Sheeran 2005) In Memory (Ed Sheeran 2006) Insomniac’s Lullaby (Ed Sheeran 2005) Quiet Ballad of Ed (Ed Sheeran 2005) No Luck (Ed Sheeran 2005) Stevensong (Ed Sheeran 2005) Billy Ruskin (Ed Sheeran 2005) Spark (Ed Sheeran 2005) Pause (Ed Sheeran& Alonestar 2006) The Sea (Ed Sheeran 2006) Way Home (Ed Sheeran 2005) Bonus Track (Ed Sheeran 2005) Moody Ballad of Ed (Ed Sheeran 2003) Misery (Ed Sheeran 2004) Typical Average (Ed Sheeran 2002) Addicted (Ed Sheeran 2004) I Love You (Ed Sheeran 2004)

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