Advanced Excel Training in Mumbai?

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I don't know that trainer, but I could train you. Just comment if you're interested.

My Horse- Spiel! Brauche dringend Hilfe!


ich brauche bitte Hilfe bei dem Handyspiel "My Horse" und zwar soll ich folgende Aufgabe abschließen: Stelle einen Trainer an. Benutze eine Trainer-Abkürzung im Training. Kann mir bitte jemand erklären was dass ist und wo ich dass machen kann?

Bitte um schnelle Antworten!!

LG gamegirl9

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Exif-Daten durch Excel(VBA)?

Hallo, ich habe eine Datenbank mit Fotos in Excel erstellt. Jetzt möchte ich aber, dass das Datum das Datum der Aufnahme ist, also das Datum, das in den Exif-Daten der Bilder angegeben ist. Ich habe die Funktion .DateTimeOriginal gefunden, aber habe gelesen, dass diese Funktion nicht in VBA arbeitet, da sie aus einer anderen Sprache, VB .NET, ist und in Visual Basic Express angewendet werden kann. Gibt es andere Möglichkeiten die Exif-Daten rauszuleiten durch VBA ?

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wir schreiben ja morgen english arbeit und habe jetzt den text über mein zimmer gschrieben :D

helft mit bei meinem fehlern wäre voll nett von euch ;)

My room I have my own room. My room is sometimes tidy and sometimes untidy. The wallcolor of my room is red.I have posters of stars. Next to the door is my tv. I can watch tv or play sometimes wii. On my desk is my computer . And I do my homework on the desk. When I look out of my window I can see our garden. My bedspread is white with red flowers, my furniture is black and my curtain is white. Wardrobe color is red and white.

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Kann mir jemand meinen Englisch Text verbessern?

My plan after the 10th class is if I am accepted on an advanced technical college to change. Then there I can acquire my professional Abitur in the main focus Social educational theory. If I liked to make then still the 13th class on the professional high school I my general university maturity (Abitur). The professional high school is same on the same school like the advanced technical college. The prerau's settlement for it is to be had learnt during at least 3 years the 2nd foreign language. By the general university maturity (Abitur) I have to study the possibility at every university for every field. To be accepted on an advanced technical college one must have at least one high-school diploma. However, if all that should not clap I remain at school and go of making in the upper stage around my Abitur there. Indeed, I still have the 3rd plan if to me the licensing for the upper stage would be absent. Then I would go because on another advanced technical college. This advanced technical college would also be for the main focus Social educational theory with the difference, however, one they would have to pay. Then on this school I would leave exactly the same ones like by my 1st choice. The reason why I rather on a Fachhochscule would go is ichdort in the 11th class more practise than theory has.I would make my 1-year-old training period then in the mornings in the kindergarten and in the afternoon in the hoard. My aim it is to be able to be by the Abitur on a university where I can study then basic school teaching post. Then as a main subject I would take in German. With the other fields I am not sure yet. Although I would find religion also not bad. By different training periods I know the occupation basic school teaching post definitively my dream job is I also later would like to exercise.

Fals jemand den deutschen Teil noch benötigen sollte kann ich der Person den auch nich geben.

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Ich hab ein Problem, ich muss ein Text zum Thema work experience ( Berufserfahrungen- Praktikum) mit pro und contra argumenten schreiben. Den Anfang habe ich dank bereits fehlerfrei formulieren können :) Jetzt hab ich noch einige Argumente die ich mit möglichst abwechslungsreichen Satzanfängen mit in den Text einbringen möchte :) Könnt ihr mir dabei helfen weitere Sätze zu formulieren? wäre sehr lieb, danke schonmal im Vorraus.

Textanfang: From my point of view work experience is good for life because you can get first impressions of what a job is like. In my opinion you learn something important for future. Moreover many Teenagers don't know what they want to do later and a work experience can help them.

Weitere Argumente die ich einbringen möchte: 1. a work experience is good for your letter of application, because you can say that you have done a work expression 2. learn to be independent (3. practical experience) 4. learn to work in a team

Das wäre mein schluss: My tip, first you should go to a career-advice-centre, where you can get a lot of information about different jobs. And then you should do a placement in a job you have choosen.

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Referat über sich auf Englisch?

Today, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Anna ..., I am 16 years old and I live in .... with my mother. I was born in Russia. When I moved to Germany with my family I was 4 year. My mother and my vather are divorced. I have an older sister, she is 23 years old. My hobbies are sleeping, cooking and meeting friends. I attend 10th grade. In August of this year i will start my training as a chemist. After my training as a chemist I would like to work one’s way up as a managar of a branch office. With 18 years I would like to make my driver's licence and move out. (ausziehen von daheim weis leider nicht wie ich das anderes formulieren kann) My wishes and plans for the future is to have two children, a cat and a wonderful husband. I would like to life in another country, learn a new language and have a good time fort the rest of my life. I hope my wishes come true.

Thank you for your attention.

Ist das so richtig? Brauch umbedingt eure Hilfe muss das bis morgen können..

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