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Chinua Achebe’s story “Dead Men’s Path” is about Michael Obi, a modern and ambitious young man, who is appointed headmaster of the backward Ndume Central School. It is in his interest to modernize the school and to broadcast (falsches Wort) his western view of life. Therefore, supported by his wife Nancy, he wants to turn the schoolyard into a beautiful garden. But this task does not turn out as easy as he thought as all village people walk along a path through the school premises. He finds out that this path is holy to the village people and that it connects the village shrine with the burial place. This is the kind of old-fashioned superstition Michael wants to wipe out, so he closes the path. Even though the Ani -the village priest- explains that this path matters a lot to the village people he refuses to open it up. When a woman from the village dies in childbirth a little later, Michael finds the schoolyard devastated and one of the school buildings destroyed. As chance would have it, this is the very day --- the Supervisor is about to inspect the school. Due to the destroyed premises, Michael receives a bad report and is blamed for causing a “tribal war”.

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The short story "The Big Race" by Toby Sweet is about a swimmer who feels pity for his opponent and lets him win. This characterization is about the narrator of the story. This boy is a fast swimmer and has to swim two lengths backstroke at Chester-le-Street, on that day. One of his opponents is Gordon Hayes. Before the race, the narrator notices Gordon talking with his father. He is very sceptical and feels that something wrong is going on. Out of curiosity he asks Gordon what the matter is. He gets the answer that Gordon's father will hit his son, if he doesn't win the race. After that, while he is warming up and planning his strategy, the narrator always has to think about that. He is worried and can't concentrate. During the race the boy decides to let Gordon win, because he wants to protect him from his father and feels sorry about that. His behavior is very generous, because he doesn't think about himself in this situation. Probably the shoutig of Mr. Hayes motivates him to do that. Also Gordon has been only a half of a body behind him. Maybe the narrator has thought that Gordon can manage it. At first the boy regrets that he only has come in second. He has doubts about his decision. Maybe the second place isn't enough for him. But he isn't the typical natural winner, because he doesn't have a problem to lose under the existing conditions. He is pleased to see that Gordons father is smiling and knows it has been worth it. He is sure that his decision is right!

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Charakterisierung Englisch: Looking for Alaska (Miles)

7Ich soll als benotete Hausaufgabe in Englisch eine Charakterisierung über Miles, eine Person von Looking for Alaska schreiben. Könnt ihr mir ein paar Verbesserungsvorschläge geben und mich auf Grammatikfehler und so hinweisen?
Miles Halter, a 16 years old boy, is the main character of the book “Looking for Alaska” from John Green. Tired of his boring and lonely life in Florida, he decides to go to a boarding school in Alabama. He is very tall but skinny and looks weak with his thin arms. At his first day in boarding school visited a public school. In this school he was unsocial and unpopular, that is the reason why he did not had friends. So he wants like his father, uncles, and cousins go to Culver Creek. To find more friends, he is trying to be cool. For example he wears his shorts just below his hips (p.17, l. 29). Miles behaves quiet and hates being careful (p.15, l. 32), but is also friendly and funny. His jokes prove that, which he is telling sometimes, because he just wants to look like a funny person and find more friends. Often the interaction with new people he meets is difficult, because he is shy, unsure and not good at small  Miles fell in love with Alaska (p.134, l. 9), but she has a boyfriend called Jake, so Miles is sad and disappointed. Still he hopes that one day she will love him and he would have a relationship with her. So it is a lot harder for him as Alaska died at a car accident and he feels guilty about that (p. 157, l.34). In the whole book Miles hope to find the „Great Perhaps“which the poet Francois  anymore; just like his father in former times he makes pranks and makes a lot interesting experiments. 
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Was könnte ich bei diesen summary über den text "paranoid park" im green line besser machen?

Es wäre nett, wenn ihr mal drüber schauen könntet und mich auf Fehler hinweist und mir vielleicht Verbesserungstipps zur gebt.

The book 'Paranoid Park' was written by Blake Nelson, which was published in year 2006 in Portland, Oregon. The text deals with a young skater names Alex, who is doing illegal things, and who kills a security guard in self defense.

The young skater is the main character of the story. He is 16 years old. And is at his uncle Tommy's beach house.

One evening he decides to go there with his best friend Jared, but Jared wants to see his girlfriend and so he doesn't go with Alex to Paranoid Park.

Alex decides to go alone to Paranoid Park and when he is there, he sits on his skateboard and watches the skaters and girls there.

A streeter called Scratch comes along with his friends and after a short talk Scratch asks Alex whether he wants to hop a train.

Fascinated by the idea of hopping train Alex agrees and they leave Paranoid Park.

While riding the train, they are seen by a security guard who immediately chases them and starts to hit Scratch with his nightstick.

After Alex sees that he hits the security guard with his skateboard.

The man stumbles and falls forward on the gravel beside the train.

The coming train pulls him along and he is twisted into an awkward position under the train.

After the train has passed, the security guard has been cut in half.

After this horrible accident Alex is totally in panic and he doesn't know what he should do in a situation like that.

He is totally confused, because he wants to tell the police but he is too afraid of the consequences and he decides to keep first that accident to himself.

Totally confused the main character starts to run....

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