1st das so richtig geschrieben?

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Drei Sachen, die aber eher Geschmackssache statt Fehler sind:

- Ganz am Anfang "This is the first time" statt "It's the first time"

- In "but don't tell that the turtles" würde ich das "that" weglassen ("but don't tell the [other] turtles")

- Am Ende "you'll see that in the next post"

Jain, Besser und verständlicher klingt es, wenn du “the other turtles” schreibst, statt einfach “... Tell that the turtles”

The red one, statt thing. Sofern es sich dabei um eine Schildkröte handelt...?


Stimmmt dieser englische Satz so?.?

Next, it said on your website that I would stay in a comfortable room, but this information turned out to be wrong. The room was very dirty...

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Englisch text? Ist das ok so?

I dont have any problem with my parents. But my mum is very strict. She takes sometimes my mobile and at this moment I am not allowed to play with it. And this action she does very often. My dad is strict too but not so as my mum. My dad allowed me sometimes things that my mum doesnt do. Now I can play with the computer or play with my mobile when my patents arent at home. All in one i have good and lovely parents.

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Ist der Text (Englisch) so korrekt?

Hallo, ich mache bald ein Auslandsjahr und musste für die Bewerbung 6 Fotos hinzufügen und diese kurz beschreiben, könnte bitte jemand diese Texte korrektur lesen? Ich möchte wirklich keine Fehler drin haben, da dies die Gastfamile bekommt. Bitte wundert euch nicht, es sind natürlich auch Namen im Text, diese werde ich hier aber entfernen!

That is me with my Dad. I was with my family this winter over New Year`s Eve in Austria. It was my first ski holiday with my family, before I was two times with my school on a trip to Austria, there I lerned to drive Ski. We had a lot of fun.

That is a pic from my sister and me. It was taken at my confirmation in spring 2016. It was a really great day, that I spend with my family.

In this picture you see my little cousin (name). He was born at the (geburtstag) 2017. I spend a lot of time with him, so I often baby-sitting him. I am also the godaunt of him, and I´m so lucky about that.

That is my family. On the right you see my Dad (name). At his left side you see my sister name, she is 18 years old. At the left side you see my mother name and me. This picture was taken in Mallorca, 2016. Our holiday was great, and we saw a lot of amazing places.

That is a cake that I baked for Christmas 2017. I really often bake for some family celebration, I started it 2014. The biggest cake was the weddingcake for my aunt and my uncle. It was really tricky to bake that, but my mum and my grandma helped me.

That is my dog Tinka, we have her since 2012, now she is circa 7 years old. I also have eight chicken and some fishs in our garden. I also had some rabbits, guinea pigsand mouses.


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Was heißt The server encountered an internal error () that prevented it from fulfilling this request.

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Kann mir das jemand übersetzen bitte?

It’s basically at the lowest point of a relationship—nothing specific in my life, but it just represents that feeling of like ‘I'ma just be dead honest with you about how horrible my life has been since we broke up, and I’m just letting you know how it’s going down’.

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Brauche Hilfe bei einem Englisch Text über Zukunft

Wir müssen im Englisch Unterricht einen Text schreiben über unsere Zukunft. Ich habe ihn schon geschrieben, aber ich bin mir nicht sicher, ob alles richtig ist. Vielleicht kann einer von euch mal drüber schauen und vielleicht auch berichtigen.

Hier ist der Text:

Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass; it’s about learning to dance in the rain. I think this quotation means that you don’t dodge something. But rather you learn to life with them. This is important to get somewhere and that your dreams come in fulfillment. You don’t bother one’s head about small things or big things. You must try to make the best of these problems. So life isn’t easy but you must try to make the best of it. My childhood dream was to be a wizard. Here you can see the evidence. This is a collection of childhood dreams from our kinder garden group. At this time the boys wanted to be a policeman, a footballer or a fire fighter. They wanted to have a typical man job. However the girls wanted to be a princess, a wizard or a doctor. At the most time, these dreams doesn’t come in fulfillment, because the people discover new professions. Sometimes the parents extort their children and they want that the kids become the same profession. My favorite subject is math and I love it to work with computer. So I decide to work as an information scientist Today you need a driving license to went to your workplace But I’m not sure whether I do my driving license, because my problem with my eyes Still I think that I can get this, because I’m diligent, I have stamina and ambition Now I’m a student at Ulf Merbold Grammar School in class 9. So I have time to think about my future. In 4 years I’m going to pass my A-level exam and then I will study or I will start an apprenticeship. Maybe I will work a broad as an Au pair or whatever. When I'm an adult, so 25 to 30 years I will start a family, because I have finished my education. In my life have been happened many bad things, but I've tried to make the best of these problems. I become more confident day to day and I will master my life

ICh hoffe ihr könnt mir vielleicht helfen - Danke (:

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