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Wir sollten in Englisch eine Werbung auswerten, habe einen Text geschrieben, kann jemand mal drüber schauen?

Mein Text --> Advertising – coffee: In today’s fast-paced world, the advertising poster aims at transferring meaning with a single look. The advertisement we have chosen has a design of just a few visual elements. Now we would like to have a closer look on this advert. First, we look at the contents and the structure. In the foreground of the picture, we see a male doll with hanging head and a key inserted into its back. Down right of the poster, it is the slogan 'Wake up with a premium roast coffee' next to a cup of coffee. On the top right you can see the logo of McDonald's with the text 'I am loving it'. On the left side, there are three car tyres. It is the selection and combination of this different signs that allow us to convey meaning through advertisement. The central point in the binary image is the doll who represents an exhausted mechanic. The slogan is clearly visible and catches our attention. The relation between picture and text is unequally distributed, but the focus is the mechanic who cannot work. The worker attracts our full attention and we create a desire to help the man. The empty background almost creates a frame around the exhausted mechanic also strengthening his presence within the picture. The hanging head points to the coffee slogan. The combination of this both signs beguile the viewer into buying a cup of coffee. The name ‘McDonald' has a very direct meaning because the viewers should buy the coffee there. We could suggest that the aim of this advertisement is to get consumers to believe that the people need a cup of coffee. In conclusion, we can say that this advert is cleverly crafted to create the ideas of message represented. Overall, we believe this advertisement is successful in creating meaning, which is important for marketing purposes. This poster successfully gets the message across that people are encouraged to drink more coffee with just a fleeting look.

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Die Schreibe ist gut, mit dem Inhalt kann ich nichts anfangen.

Du solltest die beiden Wörtchen "That" und "Because" weniger benutzen.- "Because" durch "as" ersetzen.

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