Wie geht es besser ,hilfe beim übersetzen?

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Was bringt uns der deutsche teil ohne dem Originaltext

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30.11.2015, 00:40

The clothing of the model like it very much. It is well combined and has become a trend among young people. She wears a long shirt with Steatmant print and precious stones, which has a soft elastic jersey fabric. For this beautiful black shirt she wears a schwaze slightly shining imitation leather pants with decorative zippers at front and back patch pockets. For this purpose you can Ballerinas, wear high'heels or boots. About the shirt she is wearing a short blazer with textured pattern and Frans edge to zipper and pockets. He is slightly padded and lined. The material is a mix of vicose, polyester and spandex. This outfit can be complemented very well with Assessories as a handbag or a black leather strap imitation. The clothing bears the fashion label LS for Laura Scott.


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