Frage von Elz18, 28

Wie findet ihr die Bildbeschreibung?

Was würdet ihr an meiner Bildbeschreibung ändern? Danke im voraus

The picture shows two persons.
In the middle on the left side there is a pregnant girl.
She has brown hair and a pony tail, she is wearing a green jacket and a red-black checkered shirt.
On the ride side i can see a boy he has brown curly hair.
He is wearing a yellow hairband on his head and a red pullover with yellow font.
At the bottom the boy is holding her hand.
He looks happy i think because he is in love and the girl looks worried maybe she is worried about him.
In the background i can see a forest.

von termilu, 10

It's a colored, squared picture which was taken outside.

Irgendwo unterbringen.

von tiniwuzz, 7

Sie hält seine Hand auf ihren Bauch, damit er das Baby spüren kann!

In the middle am Anfang weglassen.

Ride muss right heißen.

Stimmt dann immer noch nicht 100%, aber ich schreib etz net alles um.

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