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Welcher Minecraft Mod ist das?

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ich würde gerne wissen, welcher Minecraft Mod das ist.

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sieht mir nach aus - schau mal, 

Waila Mod, which is an extension for NEI, allows you to easly parse items per mods because it is capable of showing what mod an item is from in the tooltip which contains the mod name.

But that’s not all! Leveraging an extended NEI HUD, it is also capable of showing the name of blocks and mods ingame, right on top of your screen.

And if this is not enough, it comes with a few integrated modules to show internal information of some specific blocks. For now, BC tanks have been implemented (shows the content, capacity and amount of fluid) and IC2 machines (shows the In/out voltage).

passt das ?

von DennisReallife, 21

W(hat) A(m) I L(ooking) A(t) kurz: WAILA

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