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Welche Fehler sind in meinen Englisch Text zu finden?

Hallo zusammen :) Ich habe für meinen Englisch Kurs einen "Zeitungsartikel" zum Thema "Mediennutzung in England und Deutschland" geschrieben. Keine Angst ich war nicht in England, dass war nur die Situation, welche unser Lehrer uns vorgegeben hat (ansonsten wäre der Text auch wesentlich besser).

Use of media in Britain and Germany - It has been about five month since I started my exchange year in Great Britain. So far everything was better than expected! Especially the communication with my family and friends in Germany is quiet easy, thanks to all the social media for making this possible. That brings us already to the subject I want to discuss today. How does the average German and the average Briton use the media? Where are the differences and what does they have in common? Generally we can say that nowadays smartphones and media (especially social media) have a great influence on our everyday life. A quite good example for this are the text messages. Even in 2012 (when WhatsApp wasn’t that popular in Europe!) the average Briton sends about 50 text messages a week! At this time its looks similar in Germany, here there are 58 text messages a week. In the main you can say that the entire media use in both countries increased in the last years (double the number of text messages, declining interest in newspapers). Especially adolescents and young adults like us have an extremely high frequently use of media. Everybody now the situation when you chill with your friends and just noticed that everyone is on their own mobile phone. It can be very annoying, but it has become normal. You might observed that the mobile phone has become the favorited item of many of us. The new ofcom report from 2015 shows that in Great Briton smartphones have overtaken laptops as the most popular device. Britons spend 1 hour and 54 minutes daily using his/her mobile phone. Germans use its even longer, 2 hours and 18 minutes. All in all both countries are very similar. Mabey it could be said that we are similar addicted.

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Im zweiten Satz fehlt das S. Es sind five months. Außerdem musst du alles in der Simple Past Form schreiben, da es ja ein Bericht ist und damit von abgeschlossenen Ereignissen handelt.

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Five months & simple past

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Hab leider keine Ahnung, aber DEN Trick merke ich mir O.o Geile Idee

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Danke Danke. 12 Punkte in Englisch ohne Wissen.

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Ich habe aber mehr Probleme mit französisch :D

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