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Brutal Death Metal, Grindcore, Deathgrind, Slam Metal...

•Abominable Putridy- The Anomalies of Artifical Orgin

•Aborted- The Necrotic Manifesto

•Acranius- Dishonor

•Aeon- Path of Fire

•Allegaeon- Elements of the Infinite

•Analepsy- Dehumanization by Supremacy

•Benighted- Carnivore sublime

•The Berzerker- Animosity

•Burning the Masses- Mind Control

•Cannibal Corpse- Tomb of the Mutilated

•Cattle Decapitation- The Anthropocene Extinction

•Cephalic Carnage- Misled by Certainty

•Craniotomy- Supply of the Flesh Came Just in Time

•Cryptopsy- Cryptopsy

•Decapitated- Blood Mantra

•Decaying Purity- Malignat Resurrection of the...

•Deeds to Flesh- Portals to Canaan

•Deicide- In the Minds of Evil

•Devourment- Conceived in Sewage

•Disentomb- Misery

•Dying Fetus- Reign Supreme

•Exhumed- Gore Metal...

•Facebreaker- Dedicated to the Flesh

•Flesh Consumed- New Order of Intelligence

•Fleshless- Devoured Beyond Recognition

•General Surgery- A Collection of Depravation

•Gorgasm- Destined to Violate

•Gutfed- The Reign of Pure Madness and...

•Guttural Slug- Megalodon

•Heamorrhage- Hospital Carnage

•Hate Eternal- Infernus

•Impaled- The Last Gasp

•Job for a Cowboy- Sun Eater

•Katalepsy- Autopsychosis

•Kraanium- Ten Acts if Sickening Perversity

•Kronos- Arisen New Era

•Lock up- Necropolis Transparent

•Man Must Die- Peache was Never an Option

•Misery Index- Pulling out the Nails

•Mortician- Mortician

•Napalm Death- Apex Predator

•Necrophagist- Epitaph

•Neuraxis- Asylon

•Obscura- Omnivium

•Oceano- Ascendants

•Ouroboros- Glorification of a Myth

•Putrid Pile- Blood Fetish

•Putrified J- The Last Harvest

•Reciprocal- New Order of the Ages

•The Red Shore- The Avarice of Man

•Saprogenic- Expanding Toward Collapsed Lungs

•Six Feet Under- Crypt of the Devil

•Skinless- Trample the Weak, Hurdle  the Death

•Slamophiliac- Aphelion

•Slaughter to Prevail- Chapters of Misery

•Spawn of Possession- Incurso

•Stillbirth- Global Error

•Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition- Inventory of Fixtures

•Suffocation- Pinnacle Of Bedlam

•Terrorizer- Hordes of Zombies

•Viraemia- EP

•Volturyon- Coordinated Mutilation

•Vulvodinia- Cognizant Castigation

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Bitte: Höre dir alle Lieder die ich aufgelistet habe auf YouTube an. Du wirst begeistert sein.

AC/DC: Hells Bells, Highway to Hell, Rock'n Roll Train

Red Hot Chilli Peppers:
Can't Stop, Otherside, The Adventures of Raindace Maggie

Biffy Clyro:
Black Chandelier, God and Satan, Mountains

•Shooter Jennings - All of this could have been yours
•The Black Keys - Busted
•The Black Keys - Keep me
•Bad Company
•Beat the devils tattoo
•Richard Thompson - Dads gonna kill me
•Oh Darlin, What have i done
•Dont bring her down
•Volbeat - Fallen

Rise Against - Satellite
Nirvana - Smells like teen spirit
Nickelback - How u remind me

Falls du dennoch was richtung Hip Hop/Chillax Musik suchst schau bei "Majestic Casual" auf YouTube vorbei.

Genieße es!

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Kommentar von Batman90011
27.02.2016, 21:16

acdc ist eh die beste band ^^ war sogar auf einem Konzert von ihnen und danke nochmal

Kommentar von Machiavellii
27.02.2016, 21:17

Kein ding :)
Wie gesagt genieße es! :D
AC/DC <3


Lights We Burn - Nine Lashes
I Fooled You - Awaken the Giant
Von A Day to Remember You be Tails, I'll be Sonic, Over my Head, Have Faith in Me und All I Want


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Alle Lieder von

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Stressed Out - Twenty Øne Piløts

Red Hot Chilli Peppers sind immer noch nice!

Oder Smells like Teen Spirit

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Asia - Heat of the moment

Ist aber etwas älter..

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"In the end" "Crawling" und "Numb" von Linkin Park :)

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Jetzt gerade das Album "Four" von Bloc Party

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Numb- Linkin Park

Rock denk ich ma:

Bands wie Thirty Seconds To Mars (Lieblingslied: Hurricane)

härteres( Screams usw):

Bands wie Get Scared, Tracy Ate A Bug, Three Days Grace, Any Given Day, Eskimo Callboy


Macklemore, Alligatoah, Big City Life(Lied), Richter ist auch echt gut

Sry konnte dir nicht wirklich lieder schreiben. ich feier fast alles von denen ^^ 

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