Was kann man generell in Afrika machen?

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also abgesehen davon, das "Afrika" sich auf 54 Länder bezieht ist die Liste der Möglichkeiten unendlich groß. Da wäre eine Eingrenzung schon wichtig.


Africa offers a widest variety of holiday activities: real hunting safaris including illegal ones including shooting wildlife protected species, photo safaris to watch wildlife, hiking and biking trips, trips to the desert, cultural encounters, participation in cultural events, visiting museums to get information about african culture and history, enjoying arts and music festivals, sun and fun holidays at the beach, surfing, scuba diving, .... and having a lot of party and fun.

Africa also offer great potential for investors. South Africa and Nigeria are some of the biggest economies. Other african countries like Namibia, Ivory Coast, Ghana and Senegal are following up and there are more. Just that the gap between very poor and very rich is extremely wide, which always gives the impression of Africans being poor. Thus you may be looking for the right place to invest and start a business. The Information Technology sector is booming! Maybe you could start a business programming apps and games or you could be working for an organisation running a project in Africa.

You might be following an extremist way of life (Aussteiger) by living far from civilization without tap water and electricity in a village, sustaining yourself with gardening, farming and animal husbandry. 

You could be a teacher or trainer, send by an international organisation, teaching people useful skills or helping government to set up useful structures.

You could become an artist, learn about african music or african arts.

You could become a criminal, use drugs or start selling them.

You could become a very rich person by dealing with arms.

You could be fighting as a soldier for an african army and get wounded or killed.

You could get sick with typical diseases like Malaria, Ebola, HIV and die.

You could support an NGO or organisation and volunteer to help.


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