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Was hat Jarvella im Themenbereich Psycholinguistik herausgefunden (wie hat er seine Experimente aufgebaut)?

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Memory and levels of processing in a psycholinguistic context

by W Marslen-Wilson - ‎Cited by 40


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, 1970; 1971;




& Pisoni,. 1970). 

William Marslen-Wilson and Lorraine K. Tyler

Department of Behavioral Sciences, University of Chicago

A levels of processing approach to memory was directly tested in a welldefined processing context by varying the depth to which spoken prose

material could be processed. The effects of successively removing the

semantic and the syntactic levels of analysis produced decrements in immediate recall that were structured according to the clausal segmentation

of the material. The results corresponded closely to the joint predictions

of a theory of sentence processing integrated with levels of processing

memory theory.

In these experiments, the subjects listened to a continuous prose passage and were asked at unpredictable intervals to respond to questions about the information provided ... 

Eh gaunz afoch ollas, goe?  .... :)

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ja naja einfach... ich habe den Text auf engl. versucht zu lesen aber von 1971 versteht man einfach nichts.. 

und er hat iwie 2 Experimente gemacht, ich weiß nicht was die Unterschiede zw. beiden sind

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