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Was hat Bill Gates für ein Führungsstil?

Wie würdet ihr Bill Gates' Führungsstil in das Führungsstil-Kontinuum nach Tannenbaum/Schmidt einordnen? Ich finde dazu fast nichts im Internet...

von TheAllisons, 41

Er ist ein sehr guter Geschäftsmann, und ich denke er wird kaum mehr in der Firma sein um seinen Führungsstil zu präsentieren, dazu hat er seine Geschäftsführer

von gschyd, 22

auch in english gegoogelt ...?

In Wirtschaftsthemen generell und bes. bei einer US Person - einfach mal erster google Link mit Bill Gates Leadership

His leadership style is often described as transformational and serves as a model for many of today’s entrepreneurs who are just as determined, focused and passionate about what they are doing.

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Ja, ich hab in englisch gegoogelt... Die Seite ist leider nicht genau das, wonach ich gesucht habe, aber trotzdem danke :)

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Und auf seinem Blog?

resp. seine Bücher oder Bücher über ihn ausleihen ... zB

Leadership Therapy, Inside the Mind of Microsoft by Anna Rowley -, Hörbuchversion (wobei Papier besser überflogen werden kann)

oder Showstopper!, G. Pascal Zachary

G.Pascal Zachary’s riveting account of four years with a Microsoft
programming team, allows us to peer inside the company and draw our own conclusions. ...It’s also the first book to focus on the company’s employees and culture rather than on its CEO, Bill Gates. ...

In many respects, Microsoft’s success relied on embracing the principles sketched in Out of Control: distribute intelligence, control from the bottom up, grow complexity via layers of simplicity, and maximize the fringes.

The first principle was radical autonomy. ...

The second principle was minimal top-down coordination. ...

But the warped lives depicted in Showstopper! speak to a much
more disturbing question that haunts this book: If Microsoft is such a wonderful company, and Windows NT such a transformational product, why are so many people so unhappy? ...

Ultimately, the picture of Microsoft that emerges from Showstopper! is of an organization whose unforgiving biological principles are simply not sustainable—unless we believe the company can chew its people up and spit them out forever. By the time Windows NT is released, Bill Gates is one of the few people left with any sense of exuberance. Many members of the team, Zachary reports, “felt curiously empty” about their achievement. Several of the team members chose to leave Microsoft. Others, like the sad Walt Moore, were forced out. Most simply continued
on to the next huge software project, code-named Cairo, and postponed their day of reckoning. David Cutler became Cairo’s champion. “There is no rest,” Cutler says when asked about his newest obsession. “How can you rest?”

Such is life at Microsoft. The company is overflowing with wealth, talent, technology, and toughness. But something is missing—a soul. Its goal is dominance. Its method is brute force. Its currency is money. And Microsoft’s leader, CEO Gates, is the digital-age version of one-dimensional man.

von Lexa1, 35

Das wird wohl kaum jemand beantworten können, der nicht schon mal direkt mit Ihm, zusammengearbeitet hat. Auch wenn du im Internet was finden würdest, sind es doch immer individuelle Meinungen mit wenig Aussagekraft.

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