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Warum trug Robbie Williams bei "Let Me Entertain You" Kiss-Makeup?

Gibt es irgendeine tiefere Bedeutung dahinter oder eine Verbindung zu KISS?

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The Robbie Williams Band are dressed as members of the band KISS. Williams's makeup is very similar to Gene Simmons' on stage persona, the Demon,[5] while the outfit Williams wears is nearly identical to a stage costume worn by Simmons bandmate Paul Stanley. In doing so, the video has been called a "stylistic appropriation" of KISS and a spoof of 1970s rock in general, while displaying its own characteristics of camp and self-parody.[6]

After Simmons filed a lawsuit against King Diamond for using the makeup design in the 1980s,[7] Williams had concerns over KISS taking legal action against Let Me Entertain You, but felt the makeup was necessary to get into character.[4] No legal action was taken.

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