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Vindictus delay laggs?

Ich leide in vindictus unter einem kurzen delay der unter einer sekunde liegt den man dennoch gut merkt d.h ich kriege auch dmg etwas später oder dinge die ich werfe haben genauso diesen kurzen delay kann mir da jemand helfen?

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Fixing your Internal Network

The First thing you need to check when latency is an issue with online games is your internal network, if you experience fluctuating delay (fine one minute complete crap the next) or rubberbanding (teleporting back and forth when performing actions) you should check out the following.

Use an ethernet cable/wired connection to your modem/router instead of Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi is notorious for packet loss issues regardless of signal strength, packet loss = rubberbanding problems.Close P2P programs running on your network, such as utorrent and skype, P2P applications open large amounts of sockets purely for passive listening and eat up alot of your computers available bandwidth.Flush your computers DNS cache, on windows you would do this by pressing the windows key and R at the same time then typing ipconfig /flushdns and hitting enter. This makes your computer rebuild the stored DNS cache and usually solves minor HTTP connectivity and latency discrepancies.Close "update checker" applications eg google updates, adobe update etc, you would open task manager (ctrl+shift+escape) then go to the processes tab and close them there.Perform a "Cold Start" of your modem. This means disconnecting your modem from the power source for 5-15minutes then reconnecting it. The purpose of a cold start is to flush the routers RAM and NAT table which can cause routing issues especially if you run P2P programs like utorrent or if the modem is getting old.

Improving your Connectivity to the Server

The First thing you need to understand about online connectivity is that ping is almost completely separate from download and upload speed, the ONLY time your ping will be affected by those factors is if your internet throughput does not meet the minimum requirements of the game. Vindictus requires a 24KB/S connection to host yourself and a 64KB/S connection to host a party of 4. This is upload speed, not download speed and 99.9% of ISPs provide this. Ping itself is determined by the physical distance between A (you) and B(the host/server) this means if you live in Australia and you are playing on the American East server you will have at least 150ping to royal raids and other American hosts.

What you can do to improve your ping is very limited and more than often pointless because it all revolves around routing changes, most of this is only useful for players connecting internationally.

Purcahse or use a free VPN service. A VPN allows you to bypass alot of internal/cluttered routing and skip from A to B faster, a scenario where this would be useful is if your ping fluctuates alot when connected to the same host or if your ISP throttles P2P traffic(comcast, iinet), it may help to stabalise it.Change your DNS server to a public DNS server such as googles ( instructions on how to do so can be found (here). This may improve ping due to a different routing table been used.Add your computers local IP address to your routers DMZ. More Information can be found (here). Doing this creates a security risk on your PC however and is not recommended unless you know what you're doing/want to take the risk.

If you're still having latency connectivity issues after all of this i suggest performing a (ping test) against the server location you're connecting to and checking for packet loss/high ping. If you're on a wired connection and you get a test showing packet loss it means there is a bad routing hop between you and the server (assuming the rest of your internet is fine and its not an issue on your end) a VPN may help resolve this problem. To confirm the problem isn't related to you, I would recommend checking your ISPs service status page (google it) and looking for issues in your area or planned/ongoing maintainance.

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