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Wenn du eins mit Traffic oder Transport hast sag bitte Bescheid. Wäre super lieb Danke

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Wenn Du mir zeit gibst, tippe ich ein Mustercomment von mir ab und schicke es Dir.

Antwort bewerten Vielen Dank für Deine Bewertung
Kommentar von Yahyali1992
18.10.2011, 19:10

Wäre echt nett von dir. Daaaaaaaaaaaaanke. :))))))) Gruss.

Kommentar von zimtsterntaler
18.10.2011, 19:24

"When in Rome, do as the Romans do"

In times of globalization it happens with increasing frequency that you have to travel all over the world into other countries to fulfill your job. Thereby it's possible that you literally bump into completely different cultures. At this point you have to decide how to act in a social environment with different values, behaviours and habits. This essay deals with the pros and cons of adapting or refusing values and behaviours in different cultures.

The first point I'd like to make is tat you certainly can't change your values easily. Especially when you stay abroad for only a short time it is difficult to assimilate behaviours.

But adapting oneself particulary in sensitive "value-worlds" like India or China can also be very important because you don't want to get on somebody's bad side. You have to know how to greet - for example - to shield that you get rude.

However you must represent your country. Maybe your unlike behaviour is interesting and not seen as rude because the others know that you are a foreigner.

Even so it is necessary to avoid making wrong gestures. Adapting prevents you from making mistakes. Therefore you have to inform yourslef of main gesutres and certain important values before entering another coutry. Otherwise you'll go home leaving a bad impression. This is also a good kind of representation of your own country.

But keep in mind that it could cause uncomfortabilityon both sides when you are not yourself because adapting also can be seen insulting when you exaggerate and try too hard not to be yourself.

Apart from that it is more important to be respectful than feeling uncomfortable. For that not showing respect is insulting and insulting can also cause uncomfortability.

So all in all we have to keep our own personality in the other cultures but should never forget to inform about the complimentary gestures and main politeness behaviours to avoid leaving bad impressions. The citizens will understand if you make small mistakes. No one demands to change your whole set of values. Bute don't forget that "change" can also be a good thing for your own personality.

Sind sicher einige Fehler drin, weil es unüberarbeitet ist. Hoffentlich hilft das weiter.

Liebe Grüße


Kommentar von pspfreak77
16.02.2015, 12:01

Hey bin echt überzeugt wie gut du das kannst! kannst du evtl auch eins für Transport/ Traffic machen ? Wäre echt lieb komme nicht weiter. Danke!


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