Frage von MisterX77, 34

Stimmt meine Übersetzung Südafrika Englisch auf "normales" Englisch?

A: "Why don't you chuck On your cozzy and plaatjies and jump in your bakkie. We'll stop at the Spaza shop Tor some biltong padkos and head to my chommie's larney rondavel where we can sit on the stoep, braai some sosaties and boerie and catch the lägest skinner."

B: "Yebo, sounds lekker man. I'll be ready just now" Von meinem iPhone gesendet

Meine Übersetzung: Let's take on our shirts and pants and get into the pick up. We are going to the Spaza shop to buy some junk food and head on to (my chommie's larney rondavel) where we can sit on the pavement, exchange some sensations and hear the latest story.

Oh yes, that sounds good. I'll make myself ready.

von EHECK, 8

biltong würde ich keinesfalls mit junk food gleichsetzen.

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