South park - was sagt Santa und jesus am ende der 201 Folge?

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KYLE: That's because there is no goo, Mr. Cruise. You see, I learned
something today. Throughout this whole ordeal, we've all wanted to show
things that we weren't allowed to show, but it wasn't because of some
magic goo. It was because of the magical power of threatening people
with violence. That's obviously the only true power. If there's anything
we've all learned, it's that terrorizing people works.

JESUS: That's right. Don't you see, gingers, if you don't want to be
made fun of anymore, all you need are guns and bombs to get people to

SANTA: That's right, friends. All you need to do is instill fear and
be willing to hurt people and you can get whatever you want. The only
true power is violence.

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Kommentar von GuidoFawk
13.02.2016, 00:20

Es ist eine Schande dass diese Rede zensiert war !