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Sind die englischen Sätze grammatisch in Ordnung?

Ich muss in Englisch über die Entstehung meines Plakats sprechen. 1. Let me tell you about this poster. 2. I've choosen this topic because I like this city. 3. First I searched a city. 4. Second I collect some material. 5.. Then I searched on the internet. 6. Next I decided on the internet. 7. I wrote the text. 8. Then I cut the pictures out and stuck them on the poster. 9. I searched the internet for informations. 10. It was easy to find informations. 11. I have little problems with the grammatic. 12. I worked on my own. 13. I enjoyed working on my own. 14. I needed 2 days. 15. I learned a little bit about the grammatic. 16. It is interesting to know that Chicago was founded in the year 1833. 17. I got help from my parents. 18. I was sucessful in searched in searching for photos. 19. That was my presentation. 20. Have you got any question?

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1. Let me tell you something about this poster. 4.Second I collected some material.  8. Then I cut out the pictures and stuck them on the poster. 11. I had some problems with the grammatic. 18. I was successful when I searched the photos.

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