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Addiction is tricky
For example: A man who quit smoking for 11 years stood in an elevator with another man smoking a cigarette. He gave in
What I'm trying to say is it starts aching again when I see you.

von PurpleRacoon, 22

Fighting an addiction is very tricky. For example, a man, who quit smoking for 11 years might give in when he's offered a cigarette by another man. What I'm trying to say is that I look at you with an aching heart everytime I see you.

Hoffe ich hab den Sinn beibehalten. Liebe Grüsse vom PurpleRacoon :)

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for example, a man who has quit...  

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Oh, vielen Dank!

von berieger, 2

A non-smoker for 11 years rode in an elevator with a man smoking a cigarette saying "when I see you smoke I get a craving again". Aber das kann man noch viel anders ausdrücken.

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