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Rainbow six siege MSVCR110.dll?

Hallo nach einem Update wollt ich das spiel starten bekomme aber immer eine Fehlermeldung da mir "MSVCR110.dll auf meinem Computer fehlen würde. habe anschließen diese Datei runter geladen entpackt und zu Rainbow six hinzugefügt jedoch ohne erfolg

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installieren und sag mir ob du immernoch das problem hast


The reason is that the new game files want to install this new .dll
(which is needed for the game to work) and will prompt the players to
run an executable file to do so. If you answer ‘No’ to this, the game
will simply not work ; it may appear like a security issue for some
people, explaining their ‘No’ answer.

The solution is quite simple

-Restart the launcher and the game update ; the prompt will pop back and you must click ‘Yes’ when prompted to execute.


-From the default game install folder


The file vcredist_x86.exe can be run manually by double clicking it. The game should work alright after

Please confirm it works. Thanks for reporting, have fun !

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Danke funktioniert wieder ohne Probleme :)

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