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Pros and cons über online communication (comment)?

Hey, ich habe einen comment verfasst über online communication with modern technology, und wollte fragen ob Verbesserungsvorschläge bezüglich der Grammatik oder des Inhalts da sind. Danke.

Modern technology makes us possible to communicate where and when we want. Modern technology like smartphones and computers make it easier to communicate with persons that are not with us. We can set up a meeting with our friends or talk about the solution from the exercises via online communication. You can send messages where you want to. Personal meetings which can not take place because of the weather or other reasons can be replaced with online communication. When you are ill and you can't go to your job, you can just call your boss with your cell phone which make it easier for the company. Another example is, when your parents go to shopping and you forgot to tell them to buy your favourite meal, you can also just call them. And there are a lot of more examples for communication via modern technology to make our life easier and faster. But still there are also cons for using modern technology for communication. Persons who restrict to online communication will easier forget the face to face communication. Another point is, that we lose our handwriting skills because of online communication. We also get a worser grammar when we communicate online with shortcuts. Especially teenagers use shortcuts for example when they want to write “are” or “you” they only type the letters “r” and “u”, which is a not good for our grammar skills. My personal opinion about this is, that modern technologies were a good invention to communicate faster and easier with people all around the world. But we shouldn't forget the real communication, even if online communication is a cool thing.

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1. Zeile: us= it;   2. Zeile: anywhere  and  anytime;       not with us hört sich nich gut an, mach vllt not in the same place as we are;        you can send messages to anywhere you want;   weather würde ich nicht als Grund nehmen, weil man sich ja auch immer drinnen treffen kann;   can't go to work;   ... which makeS it... ;    go shopping;  ... are a lot of other examples... ; cons= negative aspects => niemals cons schreiben;   ...will forget the ftfc easier;  worser= worse;   ...which is not good...;   ... world, but...

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Vielen Dank, das du dein Wissen mit mir teilst. Du hast mir sehr geholfen!

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Sorry! Bat sis is Oetinger-Inglisch.

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