Präsentation englisch verbessern über Nelson Mandela und Gramatik?

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"It always seems impossible until its done" This is a famouse and also very important quote by Nelson Mandela. He was a big motivation for black people and he fought against racism.

But who is Nelson Mandela?

Nelson Mandela was born in 1918 in Mveso(Kannst du das aussprechen?) in South Africa. His father gave him a special name, but I actually don`t know how to pronunce it (Rolihlahla).When he went to school his teacher gave him the name Nelson. He thought that Nelsons life would be much easier with a name that isn`t from South Africa in the time of apartheid. After his education he studied law(Rechtswissenschaften) so he could fight against apartheid. While he studied he got in contact with the ANC (the Africa Nationality congress). The ANC is a organisation which fought against apartheid too. In 1960 Nelson Mandela saw something that offended(kränkte) him a lot: The big massacre in Sharpeville in South Africa. More than 69 people died while a demonstration. Since that day Nelson Mandela did his best to end the apartheid. He tried to destroy everything that symbolized apartheid and in 1962 he got arrested(inhaftiert). After the president withdrew(zurücktreten) in 1990 Mandela was free. He got arrested for 27 years for no reason. But he never gave up. Something changed. While he was in the prison he understood that destroying the symbols of aprtheid changed nothing. The white civilization got even more powerful. His new plan was to talk. To give the black citizens the motivation to fight togheter. And in Soveto Nelson Mandela finally did it. He talked in front of 120.000 people about getting rid(loswerden) of the apartheid. He said that, if they´d help each other, they could create a South Africa that lives in peace. That they´d have a normal live. It was a long process against the apartheid. Because of the speech I mentioned before he got the nobel peace price in 1993. Just one year later Nelson Mandela was the first black president of South Africa. In this moment the black population began to believe in Mandela. He finally was acceptet by the white citizens. The hope that they could finally live in peace together got bigger and bigger. In 1999 he withdrew and the new president was Thabo Mbeki. He was the second black president of South Africa. Nelson Mandela withdrew because he knew he was sick(Atemwegsinfektion=acute respiratory disease). He knew that he would die soon and on the fifth December 2013 he died. He reached his goal and showed that it`s possible to create a peaceful South Africa.


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