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Passt dieser englische Text?

Habe morgen eine mündliche Englisch-Klausur und muss mich am Anfang selber vorstellen. Könnte jemand den Text verbessern? Danke schon mal im Voraus!

Hello, my name is Victoria but most people call me Vicky, I am 17 and a pupil at a grammar school. Actually I belong to ___ in Germany. If I mention about my hobbies I am fond of mountain biking, meeting friends and playing volleyball. I am quite good in playing volleyball and that´s why I´m in a very good team. In the rest of my leisure time I learn for school. I have one Brother called ___. He is 28 years old and works as a mechanical engineer. I also have a golden retriever called ___ which is 10 months old. He is my very best friend and I can't imagine a life without him. I love to teach the dog new tricks or to ruffle his fur and every Saturday afternoon we go to the dog obedience school, where he learns to obey all my commands and walking on a leash. At the moment I’m doing my final exams at the grammar school in Marktredwitz. My plans for the future are to attend a university and also to find the job I want to do my hole life.

von hannahbanana21, 36

Und es heißt nicht hole sondern whole

Kommentar von Vicky2525 ,

Stimmt, danke!

von hannahbanana21, 32

Anstatt "mention about my hobbys" :
Einfach nur my Hobbys are...
Und bei dem golden retriever musst du "who" anstatt "which" schreiben.
Ansonsten super!

Kommentar von Vicky2525 ,

Ok, danke dir!

von Shiftclick, 19

Den Brother würde ich kleinschreiben...

von shoohterdersim, 20

Mach das very von best friend weg. Klingt komisch.

Kommentar von shoohterdersim ,

Oder du machst das best weg und schreibst good hin, dann passt es auch.

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