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Wie kann ich das oneplus two rooten?

Hallöchen, ich suche eine nette Anleitung wie man das Oneplus Two rootet. Macht es bitte nicht allzu kompliziert :D.

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1 sekunde google.

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Denk daran dass deine Garantie damit verloren geht.

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You can root the OnePlus Two by first unlocking the bootloader, then flashing a custom recovery. Now boot into that custom recovery and flash SuperSU. You must have the SuperSU on your SD card before entering the recovery mode of course. There is a full guide on you can follow and it guides you through all three steps. 

Rooting it using this method is safe for your device and keeps it close to stock Android. The only difference is that you have installed SuperSU and enabled the SuperSU to run on your system. Now whenever you start installing the apps that require root, the SuperSU will grant the permission. The rest of your Android OS remains the same. 

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