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Minecraft MySQl server error. What is that?

I want to make my own minecraftserver and now I have a good Lobby plugin but when I do a Command this is: (Screenshot) Please help me. (You have to open the screenshot in a new tab)

von Toqqle, 15

Hello, it could be at the plugin. To contact the author of the plugin. To the database; Incorrect data may be present.

Kommentar von LuggeWugge ,

I will download an other version of the plugin and than we see ...

Kommentar von Toqqle ,

Do that ;)

Kommentar von LuggeWugge ,

It still does not work but do you have a good LobbyPlugin for Minecraft 1.8.8 ?

Kommentar von Toqqle ,

Kannst auch gerne in Deutsch schreiben ;)

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