Frage von questionhny, 110

Könnt ihr mir euer Lieblinslied empfehlen?

Was ist euer Lieblingslied?  

von Blackbloodband, 28

-Abonimabel Putridity: The Anomalies of Artifical Origin

-Aborted: The Necrotic Manifesto

-Acranius: Dishonor

-Aeon: Path of Fire

-Allegaeon: Elements of the Infinite

-Analepsy: Dehumanization by Supremacy

-Benighted: Carnivore sublime

-Beyond Creation: Earthborn Evolution

-Born of Osiris- Soul Sphere

-Breakdown of Sanity: The last Sunset

-Burning the Masses: Mind Control

-Caliban: I am Nemesis

-Cannibal Corpse: Tomb if the Multilated

-Cattle Decapitation: The Anthropocene Extinction

-Cephalic Carnage: Misled by Certainty

-Cranioromy: Supply if flesh came just in time

-Cryptosy: Cryptopsy

-Dark Fortress: Veneral Dawn

-Decapitated: Blood Mantra

-Decaying Purity: Maligant Resurrection of the...

-Deeds of Flesh: Portals to Cannan

-Deicide: In the Minds of Evil

-Devourment: Conseived in Sewage

-Disentomb: Misery

-Dying Fetus: Reign Supreme

-Emmure: Eternal Enemies

-Facebreaker: Dedicated to the Flesh

-The Faceless: Autotheism

-Fallujah: The flesh Prevails

-Flesh Consumed:  New Order of Intelligence

-Fleshgod Apocalypse: Labyrinth

-Gutfed: The Reign of Pure Madness and...

-Guttural Slug: Megalodon

-Hate Eternal: Infernus

-Job for a Cowboy: Sun Eater

-Kalmah: Seventh Swamphoniy

-Kataleps: Autopsychosis

-Knights of the Abyss: The Culling of Wolves

-Kraanium: Ten Acts of sickening Perversity

-Kronos: Arisen new Era

-Lamb of God: Resolution

-Lost Dreams: Blinded by rage

-Made of Hate: Out of Hate

-Make them Suffer: Neverbloom

-Man must Die: Peace was never an Option

-Neucrophagist: Epitaph

-Neuraxis: Asylon

-Nile:What should not be Unearted

-Noumena: Death Walks with me

-Obscura: Omnivium

-Oceano: Ascendants

-Omnium Gatherum: New World Shadows

-Ouroboros: Glorification of a Myth

-Putrid Pile: Blood Fetish

-Putrified J: The Last Harvest

-Reciprocal: New Order of the Ages

-The red shore: The Avarice of Man

-Rings of Saturn: Lugal Ki En

-Rivers of Nihil: Monarchy

-Rose Funeral: Gates of Punishment

-Saprogenic: Expanding Toward Collapsed Lungs

-Six Feet Under: Crypt of the Devil

-Skinless: Trample the Weak, Hurdle the Death

-Slamophiliac: Aphelion

-Slaugther to Prevail: Chapters of Misery

-Spawn of possession: Incurso

-Stillbirth: Global Error

-Suffocation: Pinnacle of Bedlam

-Suicide Silence: The cleansing

-Thy Art is Murder: Holy War

-Viraemia: EP

-Volturyon: Coordinated Mutilation

-Vulvodynia: Cogniznat Castrigation

-Winds of Plague: Resistance

Kommentar von Blackbloodband ,

Sorry da ist etwas mit den Abständen falsch Gelaufen. :/

von hallolo71, 22

Ich höre am liebsten Rock, Electro und Rap. Mein Lieblingslied/er sind momemtan: Bullet For My Valentine - Leech,

 Bullet For My Valentine - Tears Don't Fall (Part 2), 

Three Days Grace - Someone Who Cares,

Three Days Grace - It's All Over,

Three Days Grace - Pain

Three Days Grace - Never Too Late

Three Days Grace - Animal I Have Become

Three Days Grace - I Hate Everything About You

Three Days Grace - On my Own

Three Days Grace - Riot



Ps: Ja ich mag Three Days Grace :^)

von iLexy, 7

Blank Space | Taylor Swift
Avenir | Louane
Lieblingsmensch | Namika
Easy | Cro
Cheleeder | OMI
Bad Blood | Taylor Swift
Hello | Adele

von thiisisjulia, 46

Ich höre gerne Cro. Bin also in der Richtung Rap und HipHop unterwegs.
Zurzeit ist mein Lieblingslied aber Get Ugly von Jason Derulo. Was hörst du den gerne?😊

von Rocker73, 39

Bryan Adams Heaven

Queen Spread your wings

Beatles Octopus´s garden

Dire Straits Telegraph road


von zippo1970, 58

Zur Zeit:

Von Haudegen "Unter die Haut" aus dem neuen Album Lichtblick

von 1dcake, 33

One Direction - Drag me down
One direction - perfect
Ed sheeran - don't
Shawn Mendes- stitches
Justin Bieber- sorry,
Justin Bieber- purpose

Kommentar von Vaniii0123 ,

awww Stitchtes 😍😍😍

von thedefinition, Community-Experte für Musik, 19

Outkast - ATLiens

von EmperorWilhelm, 52

Was für Musik hörst du den gerne. Ich mag Amon Amarth gerne.

Kommentar von Rocker73 ,

Bei deinem Profilbild hätte ich gedacht du magst Marschmusik ;)

Nein nur ein kleiner Spaß ^^

Kommentar von EmperorWilhelm ,

Ich weis es zu schätzen, dass du mein Profilbild einschätzen kannst.

von sascha0805, 26

Beatles- Oh Darling

Kommentar von Rocker73 ,

Please belieeeve me! ^^

Tolles Lied und tolles Album! :)


Kommentar von sascha0805 ,

Find ich auch... großer Beatles-Fan 🤗👍

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