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The article "Britain is afraid of its own teenager" deals with the topic of young people in Britain who are becoming a problem for others, poedohobia is the new word that describes this. A study by the institude for Public Policy Research claims that only few Britain citizens i would help or intervene when they see fighting, anti social behavior, or vandalism. (Also according to the report. Was soll der satz sagen?)  Britains (welche die jungen oder alten) avoid having contact with adults, for example they don't (?) cross the road when the approaching teenager behaves anti social. The majority of Britains is afraid of the new generation of teengers. The young people become more anti social, this happens because of the social attitude now a days. The young people growing up in Britain are being desliberately misunderstood by some people.  But some people do not treat them differently (was willst du mit dem satz sagen?). A lot of these teengers are just bored.

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