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Kontrolle von meiner Englischpräsentation?

Hallo:) Möchte jemand meine Englischpräsentation über Zebras kontrollieren? Danke schon mal im Voraus!

The zebra Good morning class! I am going to tell you about the zebra. The zebra belongs to the family of the horses. They are white with black stripes. The stripes are down to the hooves. The zebra has seven to ten neck stripes. The teeth are flat. A zebra can be up to 160 centimeter high and can be up to 400 kilos heavy. Now we come to the eating habits of the zebras: Zebras eat grass and drink clear water. They live in the wild in Africa. The zebra has enemies for humans and animals. The first congress between a human and a zebra was in the 15th century. It would not make a good pet, because it bites your fingers off. There are three kings of zebras: -The plain zebras: This kinds of zebras live in savannas, open woodlands and forest areas. They diets are mostly made of a long and short grasses, but they also will eat other kinds of vegetation. Plain zebras are not endangered, but humans still poach them. They can be very old: Up to 40 years.

-The gravy’s zebra: This kind of zebra is an endangered animal. The gravy’s zebras live in southern Ethiopia and northern Kenya and grass lands. They can be up to 22 years.

-The mountain zebra: The mountain zebra lives in the mountains and high lands in South Africa and in Namibia. They eat many kinds of grasses, barks, leaves and small trees. This kind of zebra is also an endangered species. They can be up to 35 years old. In South Africa is the Mountain Zebra National Park.

Thanks for your attention!

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Bin wahrscheinlich zu spät oder ? ;(

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Ja :/ aber trotzdem danke :)

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Was hast bekommen, wenn ich fragen darf ? Klingt nicht so schlecht :D

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Die Noten sagt sie erst am Montag an. :) Danke. Welche Fehler hättest du den gefunden, wenn ich fragen darf? ;D

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