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The depletion of the ozone layer
1. What is ozone? Ozone is a chemical compound of an oxygen atom, an oxygen molecule and a certain element m, which helps keeping the generated ozone stable. Most always this element m is nitrogen, but it could be every other molecule occurring in the atmosphere as well.

2. What is the atmosphere? It is a thin blue layer of gases at the edge of the planet. The widest part is just about 100 kilometers thick, but the outlets reach expanses till 600 kilometers. It is essential for our life on earth, otherwise the average temperature on our planet wouldn’t be 15°C, but rather around -15°C. The atmosphere is also important for the greenhouse effect, apart from that the oceans would be frozen and the energy-rich ultraviolet radiation from the sun would make a life on earth impossible.

3. What is the ozone layer? At the end of the previous development processes nearly one billion years ago, oxygen had been produced and released to the atmosphere, so ozone was formed under the effect of the radiation. The job of this layer is to absorb the ultraviolet radiation inasmuch as it could not have a life-threatening effect anymore. It has its biggest ozone density at a height of nearly 20 till 25 kilometers, so it is located in the stratosphere. The quantity of the ozone is stated in Dobson units (DU) 

4. The depletion of the ozone layer 1986 an ozone hole above the Antarctic was discovered and by now there is also a reduction of the ozone above the northern hemisphere. Chlorofluorocarbons, short CFCs are mainly responsible for the depletion of the ozone layer, because these carbons are stable and inert, so they reach the stratosphere without reacting with other elements before. After arriving there, the chlorine atoms get split off from the CFC because of the radiation of the sun. Now the chlorine atoms are free and start to react with the ozone molecules. One chlorine atom can destroy up to 100000 ozone molecules, till it finds another reaction partner. So you can see it is very harmful.

5. Countermeasures There have been many committees like COVOS or CIAP, but also some contracts like the „Wiener Übereinkunft” 1985 or the “Protokoll von Montreal” 1987, which have the common aim, namely to reduce the CFC production. Nowadays there is already a decrease of the CFC noticeable. Reasons for this are the improved fuel systems and the rises in environmentally friendly technology, but the upward trend has to continue for a complete recovery of the ozone layer. For this national help is needed as well. You can also help oneself by following some rules: •avoid using your car for short distances, form carpools or use public transport •use coating, blankets or cleaning agents, which not contain organic solvents

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anstatt von most always: most of the time

anstatt von till 600km: up to 600km

anstatt von the job of this layer: this layer has to (oder etwas ähnliches, denn the job klingt nicht gut)

anstatt von inasmuch: as much (sieht dann nicht wie copy and paste aus dem online wörter buch aus)

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