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Könnte mir jemand sagen ob ich diesen Englischen Comment richtig geschrieben habe?

Hier ist mein Comment ich würde mich freuen wenn jemand auf meine Frage antworten könnte. Die Frage bzw das Thema ist: "The older people always think they know anything better." Mfg.

The discussion about who know something better between the different generations is very popular. But why are the older people thinking that they know everything better? In the following comment I will discuss about why they thing so and why they can’t be right every time in everything.

On one hand the older people collected more experiences in their life then the young generation. This statement suggests, therefore, that the older people live for many years and have made a lot of findings in this time.
Besides the older people want to make sure that the young generation is secure. That can be easily explained by an example: a child want to touch a hot plate but the parents say that hurts and is dangerous, they want safe the child. Another reason is, the instinct to teach and educate the younger generation, because each parent or any grandparents wants a children, which are educated and successful.
Moreover they don’t want to change something and insist on their opinion. For example an old men wants to mount a small lock on a door and he makes it just as he has done all the years and no one is allowed to improve him in his approach whether it’s right or wrong. The final aspect is little but also important. The older people don’t want to lose their own pride and the respect from the younger.

On the other hand the older people can’t know everything better. For example they forget the learned information from their school time, which is long time ago. Thereby they confuse something.

Besides the younger people are learning different things then the older people formerly, for example in physics. A large counter-argument against the statement that the older people know everything better is, that the society is changing every time but the most of the older people are “out-fashioned” and think the way they have learned in the society where they grown up. For example girls are wearing short dresses or ripped pants. This is now quiet normal but it was frowned upon in their time and today they still think that way. Moreover the older people can’t know everything better because the problems, goals, technology and other different things are changing every time like the society. The younger generation is growing up with them and learn even faster.

In conclusion you can say that the older people always think they know everything better because of their own life experiences but they don’t know everything better and it isn’t always correct. I think that the discussion between the generations about what is right or wrong always remains.

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gib das "the" vor "older people" und "younger people" weg

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