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Könnt ihr mir bitte helfen bezüglich meines englisch Texts?

Also könnt ihr mein englisch Text korriegieren auf hinblick der Rechtschreibung und Grammatik ? :s - ps: danke im vorraus !

The world is not as beautiful as we might think, especially those "bad" people who live day by day on our world making it more worse! Interesting! And what is your opinion on the following points..., let us begin with our enviroment... - broken and poluted with egoism. Our society ? - nearly broken and embossed with ignorance. Our biggest threat and problem ? - ourselves, the humanity. Oh... alright. Seems like ur not the best friend of humans. - nooo ! Of course there are many good people outside, fortunately. So there is still hope ! And it is a bit overdone/exaggerated(?)written ,nevertheless , it is sadly the truth. Well... fine. Then let us head over to a bit nicer question! So which area of life you would like to make a difference in ? - definetly in the heads of the people ! The way how they think and action, so sort of change their view and mind of life. All in all enlightment. Who are those peoples you want to enlight ? - mostly those people who are pretty much selfish, robbers, killer, racists, people dissrespecting the enviroment etc... To put it in the nutshell, people who harming our society and enviroment. Moreover to change peoples wrong opinion about for example: the islam. The ISIS does not have to do with the religion at all ! So why this kind of area of life ? - The point is, if you convince people about the right thing, they probably would do so automatically and with pleasure. It is like doing homework at school ! If you are convinced about the idea behind homeworks and the reason then you rather do them with fun and regulary, so if your not then it is not the case ! You have to, sort of, begin from the roots. In this case it is the mind or brain. Your talking about mind manipulation, aren't you or kind of ? - well... partly yes and partly no. The thing is many already got mind manipulated and i just want to change that back in to the "right" mind. So they get back to the right path. In addition, mostly i want to convince about the advantages and meaning behind something, why they actually should do so. What do you mean with the "right" way to action or the "right" mind ? - it includes the action with your common sense without hurting anyone or damaging anything. In best case you would help as well. And being tolerant is very important. You shall go trough life without any prejudice and that is meant by the right mind. Do research, consider different point of views and espacially be proactive ! Why do you actually choosed that area of life to make a difference in ? Well, like i said before, kind of. If you have convinced the people about the right thinking then you already have done alot. They will probably do the most things automatically in a right way and daily. And i do not want to have any predujice, racism, discrimination etc anymore. I mean, we all are humans. We all are the same inside our

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Ich finde, das sprengt den Rahmen von GuteFrage bei weitem. Deine Hausaufgaben (Referat?) mußt du - wie deine Mitschüler auch - selbst machen inklusive einiger Fehler. Aus Fehlern lernst du. Wenn man deine Fehler ohne jegliche Erklärung dazu korrigiert, lernst du nichts.

Bei der nächsten Klassenarbeit oder Prüfung hast du auch niemanden, der deinen Text korrigiert. Spätestens dann wird der Lehrer ins Grübeln kommen, wieso diese Hausaufgabe fehlerfrei war! :-)

Die englische Interpunktion unterscheidet sich übrigens von der deutschen. I (ich) wird im Englischen immer groß geschrieben. Zum Stil möchte ich mich nicht äußern. :-)

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Ja hast auf einer gewissen Weise recht. Aber bei manchen Aussagen tat ich mir schwer und bin demnach auch sehr verunsichert. Und wieso möchteste dich nicht zum stil äußern ? ;D Kannst gern etwas dazu sagen - werds verkraften!

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Ich finde die Sätze teilweise zu abgehackt. Sie sind nicht so richtig fließend.

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Mh, ok ;D

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...hier gehts weiter...

body. We
have to stick together and helping each other. We all are one united race and
nothing else. I just want to have equality for everyone.

Do you
think it will works ?

- well it
is hard to say. The fact is humanity is unique with all their individuality. So
that is not possible that everyone would action right and correctly. There will
be forever people outside who are not at the same opinion as you. But i can
give it a try at least !

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