Könnt ihr mir bei folgender englischer Marketing Frage helfen?

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Given the specific phrasing of this question, there are only 2 potential answers:

a) NOT at all because the price to the discounter could only vary downwards, thus ruining the relationship of the manufacturer to his traditional retailers + ruining price level  and value perception with enduser.

b) By creating a special package offer (e.g. value pack, family pack) which gives a discount for purchasing more units per purchase act or giving an add-on (e.g. a promotional gift that goes along with the purchase of the product, which must, however, be higher than the regular price at traditional retailers) - The latter, however would be a combinde pricing/product strategy...

An alternative, of course, is creating a private label brand especially for the discounter, hence disguising the fact, that the core product is the same as the branded product (however, strictly speaking: This is NOT merely a pricing, but a product/distribution/pricing/branding - i.e. a complete MARKETING strategy...)

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