Kennt jemand Bücher über Indianer?

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  2. Interesting Facts About Native American Indians
  • The term "Indian" originated with Christopher Columbus. He thought that he had reached the East Indies when he landed in America and therefore named the inhabitants Indians.
  • European settlers to America brought with them diseases to which the Native Americans had no resistance. These diseases killed millions of Indians and resulted in a huge population decline.
  • Europeans brought many animals to the Americas which the indigenous people had never seen, including cattle, sheep, and pigs.
  • Horses had been hunted to extinction by the early settlers of the Americas thousands of years before the Europeans arrived. The reintroduction of the horse by the Europeans had an incredible impact on the American Indians. They utilized the horse for travel, hunting, and warfare.
  • Numerous conflicts occurred between the American Indians and European settlers before the American Revolutionary War , and after the Revolution between the Native Americans and the U.S. government. These conflicts have been named the American Indian Wars.
  • In 1890 the last major battle between Native American Indians and U.S. soldiers occurred. It was called the Battle of Wounded Knee and occurred near the Wounded Knee Creek in South Dakota. Approximately three hundred Sioux Indians were slaughtered.
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"Die Feder folgt dem Wind" von Kerstin Groeper ...sehr gut recherchierter Roman zu diesem Thema .... als Fachbuch: Beatrice Medicine: Native American Woman oder The Hidden half, studies of plains Indian women

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Karl May Romane durchlesen :)

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Kommentar von Askanuki
30.03.2016, 13:06

da steht rein gar nichts über Indianer drin ...und schon gleich gar nicht über Frauen!


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