Kennt irgendwer eine coole App für Whatsapp Status?

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Such mal Chip Online - whatsapp Status Sprüche

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Nimm das Leben nicht so schwer, lutsch lieber einen Gummibär :D

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also ich hab eine liste mit status-en-i wie auch immer, die ich mag:

i wish u werent here

idk, idc

i think your suffering from a lack of vitamin me

my internet goes out more than me

sometimes i wish i was an octopus, so i could slap several people at once

i heard you like bad girls, im bad at everything

what if when you die you wake up as a baby and realize your entire life was a dream

what if oxigen is actually a deadly poison and it just takes a long time to kill us

your future self is watching you right now through memories

what if our entire existence was an alien's science project

what if life is just a video game and whenever we fall asleep its just loading

you have to be odd to be number one

one day a carton of milk will have the same expiration date as i will

imagine how scary snails would be if they were fast

unless live also hands you sugar and water, your lemonde is going to suck.

my hidden talent is hidden so perfectly that i havent found it yet

thinking of a master plan

love me or hate me, i swear it wont break me

stop expexting

the difference between pizza and your opinion is that i asked for pizza

cold hands and warm hearts

flüchtlinge rein, tintlinge raus

dont continue watering a dead flower

habe ich von instagram accounts wie sexualising oder so

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Lass dir was selber ausdenken

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Kommentar von selisinger
02.02.2016, 23:07

mir fällt nichts ein

Kommentar von Kathy1601
02.02.2016, 23:07

Dann denk nach


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