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I would li(ke)to tell you something about the economic situation in Prague. Prague, which has an financial average against other easteuropean countries, applies (shows)because(ohne because) its wealth and beatuy as worldcity (a worldcity) and can(can be) compete (compared) with London or Paris.
It's one of the most rich (richest) cities of europe because it had just 90000 € depts(of depts) to other countries, which is in Czech crowns (in czech crowns streichen)270000 Czech crowns. 1€ are 27 Czech crowns.
Also are(also only . Kein are und just) just 2,5% of the humanity (population) of Prague unemployed, which is in contrast to Hambourgh with 7,4% the wealth of the city explains.(which is less than in hambough with only...%. Which explains pragues wealth)
These aspects, Prague got in the economic section, is for every easteuropean city an example, if they want to improve the situation for the city and the inhhabitants.(these aspecs of pragues exonomics is for every........) But you dont just notice the good aspects, because there are negative aspectes too.( but besides those good aspects there are........)(klingt besser)
After Prague changed to a demokratic republic, the inhabitants of the city went down from 500000 persons on(to) 160000 persons. And then the tourism came in.(tourism increased)
The city notices fast, that they can take more profit out of this situation and the prices went up.(prices rised)
Thats why people rather visit Riga or Bucharest.
Prague lies in the central of Czech( the czech republic) , thats why it's one of the importants economic stations of Czech.
Prague is producing a lot. Prague amouts 8% of all products that are produced in whole Czech. (8%of all products in whole czech were produced in prague)(satzbau)The industrial sections of Prague lay in the northeast and southwest of the city. There is enough space for more than 700 different companys(companies), which offer 110000 workplaces. Thats why Prague has that low unemployment figure.(number)
In the foreground (the focus of)of the produciton are electronic products and food production. Both of the sections amouts( build) 12% of the total output of those sections in the country.
But there are no 700 companies that are just producing food and electronic devices.
There is also space for metal and wood processing, cloth production and other sections.
Also is Prague a point where 10 motorways meet eachother. They go through Czech or into other countries. Thats why Prague got that much arrival and depature opportunitys(opportunities) like train stations, one airport in the northwest of the city and one little port at the moldau.
The result of a test from the „Internationale Automobil Förderation“ is, that Prague got one of the best traffics in Europue
Bekannte Personen (important/famous people)
Johannes Nepumok
Now i tell you something about Johannes Nepumok(kannst du streichen) He is one of the legends out of Pragues history.
He was born in 1350 in Pomuk, which is near by Pilsen and he dies at the 30 march 1393 in Prague.
He was a follower from the archbishopof of Prague, Johann von Jenstein.
Johannes was his

So. Korrekturen sind immer in klammern hinter dem falschen.meistens eher wortfehler als gramatik sonst noch hier und da was besser klingt. Viel glück
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Johannes was his general secretair and a friend of the archbishop. 

After the archbishop sent a letter to the king, which(who! Für personen.which ist für gegenstände) is going about (was willst du damit sagen?) the influence of the church and the opression though the klerus. The king wasnt going to respons(d) (to) the letter and he reduced the influence area of the bishop and arrests Johanns perosnal(personal?), with(and ist besser) Johannes Nepumok. (Himself)

The king let him suffer and then he throw (thew)him from the Karlbridge. Some storys(ies!)(y+s wird zu ies) tells (talks) about 5 flames which surrounded his corpuse(corpse). 

Thats(that's) why Johannes Nepumok is portray(portraied) with 5 stars because (instead)of the 5 flames.(das because brauchsr du nicht weil du ja schon im satz davor darüber geredet hast)



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