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Are you one of those people who are proud of who we are? Are you one of those people who loves the natural setting? Are you happy, if you hear the song, “I am from Austria”?

First of all, I am proud to be an Austrian because Austria has a beautiful natural setting. Take for example the fantastic mountains. You can go for a walk or you can go for a hike. If you are on the top of the mountains, it is an amazing feeling. The view is stunning, you can feel the fresh air and you are the happiest person. In the winter you can go skiing, snowboarding or ice-skating. Secondly, I am proud to be an Austrian because Austria has many famous people, for example the grandiose musical genius Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, who learned to play piano and began composing music at the age of five. Moreover, Niki Lauda is an Austrian Formula One racer who won many Championships and I am also proud of him.

To begin with Adolf Hitler, I am not proud of him, because he was a dictator, who killed a lot of people and he was responsible for World War 2. Next, I am not proud to be an Austrian, because many people are racists and their opinion is that the refugees have negative influences.

In conclusion, I can say, I am really proud to be an Austrian, but I think every person is proud of his country. Austria has good sides and bad sides like any other country.

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