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Kann mich jemand korrigieren?

Hey, ich werde einfach mal ein bisschen auf Englisch schreiben und es wäre nett, wenn mich jemand korrigieren könnte und vielleicht sogar Spaß dran hätte :b

so, soon we have the oral exams in school, thats why i do this here. just to check my grammer. i know, texting or writing isnt the same like speaking, but maybe i could improve then even though its just writing. and please dont care about any spelling mistakes or something like that. hope thats no problem, but i know that the "i" has to be written as an "I" or that it means for example "don't" and not "dont", so thats not the thing im just to lazy, im sorry. so what i want to reach with this text is that you can tell me what words for example i could also use or that (i already have written it) the grammar or when i used a time-form false. it would be nice if you could tell which words i should rather use. i hope thats no problem, just a pleasure and also a question, because i ask you "can you tell me some tips?" or for my mistakes. to be honest im pretty excited because of the oral exams ... and especially because of the normal exams. im one the secondary school and i want to go to a high school after that. im scared of the exams, i dont want to fail. do the exams count much for the end grade? soo, im not the creative kind of girl so i dont have any ideas to text about. id like to read some improves or tips and i want to write down already now: thank you for helping! :)

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Hi usally! It really doesn't seem to me that you should be worried concerning the oral eximination. In contrast to literacy tests, you will have the chance to perform without taking reference to spelling and the use of small and capital letters.

Will your teacher offer a range of subjects in advance, or is it on you to choose an own issue for your presentation? Might there be a longer period of time to prepare yourself, or will the theme be given just before test?

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its our own choise so we can make a decision between some things, but he cant promise we will get them. we dont have time. we just go into the room and the teacher asks us something about ourselfs or we should introduce ourselfs. after that we just have to describe a picture and when we've done that we (my partner and me) should make a discussion. 

thanks for your answer!

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That sounds very good, so you can try to spend some time on self-introduction by going more into detail.

During the description, you could start your answers with terms like "In my opinion, (the cat looks very sad.)", "To my mind, ...", "In my view, ...", "From my point of view, ...", if you feel kind of shilly-shally.

In the discussion, you can try to ask as many questions as possible- so it would be on your partner to consider good answers... ;-)

I'm sure you'll work it out fine!!!

Kommentar von usally ,

Thank you so much for this great answer! You really give me some good advices! :) I hope I'm able to convert them. The oral-exameniations are the next week, I can tell you the results if you want :-)

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You're welcome! I'm sure the advices will work very well. Would be fine if you could keep me up-to-date on the results. Good luck!!!

von ChickPea, 13

errors anstelle von mistakes. 

'time form' false sollte sein 'wrong'

I have already written anstelle von I already have written - 

what I want to reach with this text, what I want to achieve with this text....

Je nachdem sind secondary school und high school das gleiche.

 im just to lazy ----- too lazy

..... i could also use or that (i already have written it) the grammar or when i used a time-form false. Der Satz macht ja mal sowas von gar keinen Sinn.

... und noch einige mehr.

Auf eigenen Wunsch habe ich nicht auf Gross/Kleinschreibung oder sonstige Schreibfehler geachtet.

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