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kann mal jemand drüber gucken (englisch vortrag)?

Today i want to tell you something about Minecraft. The first Thing I want to talk with you is about the World and what you can do in Minecraft. The whole World in Minecraft is made out of Blocks and it is 8 Million Times bigger than the real World. That is one of the Things i like in the Game. You can’t explore everything in Minecraft because the World is too big. You can do a lot of stuff such as mining Ores like Gold or Diamonds and you can use everything you find to craft and to build things. In Minecraft you are free and able to do whatever you want. For Example you could build a very big House or a Bridge with the stuff you find along your journey. But Building is not the only Thing you can do in Minecraft. When the Night starts, Monsters are spawning and they will try to kill you. You have to craft gear such as Armor and Swords in order to defend yourself. You have a Food bar as well that will run out over time; then you have to find Food in a Village or kill animals in order to get meat which will stop your Hunger. However, if you fail to do so you will get damage over time and starve to death. When you died in Minecraft you will spawn on a random chosen Place on the big World and have to restart to farm Ores and build Houses or something else. My second Topic I want to talk with you is about the Game itself. Minecraft is an Open-World-Game created by Markus Pression. It is a Game for creative People and the Blocks in Minecraft are made out of Pixels. But it is Realistic to. For Example you can’t break Stone with your Hand. For that you’ll need a Pickaxe that you have to craft out of Wood. My third Topic I want to talk with you is about the start in Minecraft. You will start with nothing. First you have to build an Axe and chuck down some Trees. With the Wood you’ll get from the Trees you can build yourself a Pickaxe and with that you can start farming Stone or Coal and building your first little House. Then you have to work yourself Step by Step up. Probably you could start with building your first Farm for Food or start with going in a Cave to farm more Ores like Diamonds. You can do whatever you want. My fourth Topic I want to talk with you is about the Nether. In Minecraft there is a Place called the Nether. You can reach it through a Portal that you have to build by yourself. In the Nether you’ll find a lot of strong Monsters, big Castles and mostly Lava. Some People call it the Hell. My favorite Part in Minecraft is the Multiplayer. Sometimes you will get tired of building or crafting Things alone. Then you will be happy about the Multiplayer. The Multiplayer is used for playing the Game with your Friends. It makes a lot of fun to build big Houses or Structures or even to fight against other Players with them. das ende des vortrages kann ich leider nicht einbauen da das zu viele zeichen währen

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Ist ok von der Struktur her, aber du musst darauf achten, dass du nicht zu oft das Selbe nimmst, wie (...I want to talk with you is...). Und ich würde anstatt "such as" lieber "like" benutzen (hört sich besser an). Dann noch "you can use everything you find to craft and to build things" Das wäre smoother:               "you can use everything you find for crafting or building things".

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alles außer der satzanfang und die namen werden kleingeschrieben

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Juhu ich liebe minecraft.
Aber englisch bin ich nicht so gut

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