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Kann jemand ein kleiner Schultext für Englisch anschauen?

Dear members

We would hereby like to invite you to attend the management meeting of our business, located at the Ziegeleihof 7 on Thursday, 25 November 2016 at 9.30 a.m.

It is for us an honour to welcome you as a loyal customer in our business. We hope you will support us in the future as well. We can look back on a successful past. This would not have been possible, if not with your support to our business. For this reason, we use the opportunity to say thank you.

Please come early so that we can find the optimal place for you, because you stand on the list of our most important customers.

Please let us know until Saturday, 19th November whether you can participate in our event.

We are looking forward to more fruitful business deals and a great collaboration with you in the days ahead.

We look forward to you


von Ewwas17, 16

We would be honored to welcome you

Without aour support to our business this would not have been possible.

... because you are in the list... (stand on the list ist definitv falsch) the days to come...

Das wären meine Vorschläge. Die meisten davon sind nur stilistische Sachen.

von fortuneteller, 4

We look forward to you::: we are looking forward to meeting you

stand on the list::::are on the list

It is for us:::it is an honour for us

not have been possible, if not with your suppo:::without your support

von ZomyNozomy, 17

Ja, ich kann mir so was anschauen. XD

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