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Jemand Lust meine englische Buchvorstellung zu verbessern?

Book launch: Les Mauvaises Notes- Claire Julliard

The young Frederic doesn't go down well with his father. Because of this and his bad grades at school he runs away from his home. One day at the train station, he gets caught by the police. The policemen think he's "Ludovic", a boy, who exactly looks like him and ran away from home too. They bring him to the family of the other boy, which live at the countryside. At first nobody notice the mistake. But for Frederic it's hard to act like a boy, who he doesn't know and the hardest part: In contrast to him, Ludovic is very good at school. For Frederic it gets more and more complicated, to not get caught with his lie by someone in the small village...

This French book, called "Les Mauvaises Notes" (English "The Bad Grades"), is written by Claire Julliard in 1997. We read it in the French lessons, but haven't finished it yet. I am very tight of the ending, because the book was very exciting and funny so far. I think I would not read it in my free time but for students it's a good book, because of its short and easy language and phrases. Thanks to the generous vocabulary assistance it's comprehensible for students which are ordinary in their French lessons.

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The young Frederic doesn't get along with his father. Because of that and his bad grades at school, he runs away from home. On day he gets caught by the police at the train station. The...who looks exactly like him...At first, nobody notices the mistake. But for Frederic it's hard to act like a boy he doesn't know. And the hardest part: In contrast to him,...complicated, not to get caught...

This French book...was written...for students who are ordinary in their French lessons.

von Oubyi, 16

Zwei Fehler sind mir beim Überfliegen aufgefallen:
"the family...., which lives"
und ich denke mit "tight" ist die physische Spannung gemeint.
(Bin da nicht 100%ig sicher)
Daher eher "curious about the ending"

Eins habe ich noch entdeckt:
"At first nobody notices the mistake"
(Hoffe, ich irre mich da nicht)

von RandomLogics, 18

Du hast eine paar Wortendungen wie z.B. live/s/ vergessen

Kommentar von RandomLogics ,

Wenn du Hilfe brauchst hinterlass ein Kommentar.

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Eigentlich habe ich keine Probleme in Englisch und solche Fehler passieren mir nicht. Es ist allerding verdammt schwierig, von einer Fremdsprache in die andere zu übersetzen! :D Danke trotzdem :p

Kommentar von RandomLogics ,

Kein Problem.

von irgendniemand01, 18

Zeile 5: notices the mistake (also noch das s hinten dran)

Zeile 6: , he doesn't know (das who weg, glaube ich)

3. Zeile von unten: because it has short and easy language and phrases (das of weg und has dazu)

Ich hoffe, ich habe dir jetzt nichts falsches erzählt. Dein Schreibstil gefällt mir übrigens :)


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