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Ist dieser Text grammatikalisch richtig (auf englisch)..?

Hello My name is ....... and today i want to tell you a little bit about my hobbie… Sport shooting. But first i want to divide my subject. first i want to tell you a little bit about me i came to the sport, why i´m shooting and more.. my next point is about the rules after the rules i want to explain the equipment and for what i need it and my last point is about the gun. Let´s begin with my first point ,how i came to this sport and more. When i was 12 i went to many Holiday Programms and one of them was the Sport Shooting and this was so interesting that i was also going after the holidays because it´s perfect when you shoot you are not there with your mind your concetration is only on the disk and after the shoot you can be happy about a good result. Now we camme to my next point the most important rules The main rule is “don´t bring yourself and the other people in risk” so don´t let the gun alone. even when the gun isn´t loaded don´t aim on a person! Also don´t look in the shoothole beause you never know when the shoot comes this are the most important rules. Why I´m wearing this equipment? This equipment is for my stability. Without this Jacket I can´t hold the gun right because on normal clothes the gun will slip and the shoot result will be negative. The jacket is one of the most important equipment because she is very stable but it´s not so stable that it could hold you and also this is not allowed. The trousers are also for the stability they help for the shooter not to wobble. The shoos have got a flat sole this are for a firm state. The Glove is a relive for the hand. Now I came to the Gun every part from the gun has another important benefit like the cartridge without this you can´t shot for I haben It here but on this picture you can see it. Another important thing is the charging box there you do you munitions who you can shot with the trigger but before you shot you lay your face on the check pice and sees through the dioptre there you to aim in the midle. With the left hand you hold the gun on the hand rest. You have a better stand if you stand streggele leged in 90 degrees of corner from the disk away. At the end you count the results, so you know how many points you get. You count the points of every disc. You shoot on every disc two times for example on the disc 9 and 6. Now you count the 2 numbers and get 15. 15 of 10. this was my eurocom I hope it was interesting have you any questions?

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der Text enthält jede Menge Rechtschreib-, Grammatik-, Wort- und Ausdrucksfehler.

Zusammen mit der Textmenge ist mir die Korrektur zu zeitaufwändig.

Für das Vokabular und die Rechtschreibung empfehle ich ein gutes (online) Wörterbuch, z.B.,

für die Grammatik und - und Finger weg vom Google Übelsetzer und seinen tr.tteligen Kollegen!

Tipps und Wendungen - z. B. auch die abschließende Frage nach weiteren Fragen der Zuhörer - zu englischen Präsentationen findest du unter folgendem Link:

So solltest du statt I want to - I would like to schreiben.


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ich hab da nicht einmal Google Übersetzer benutzt:D

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