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Ist dieser english text gut oder schlecht von rechtschreibung und grammatik?

Hello my name is A.. Y.. I am fiveteen years old I am one meter seventy tall I have brown eyes and black hair i was born in freiburg and my parents are from lebanon i live with my mum and my four sister my dad don't live with me but i see my dad sometimes when i was 7 i went in the school in the Vigeliusschool one when i was 9 i went with my mum and my sister to essen one year later i came back to freiburg when i came in the 5th grade i went to the pestalozzi realschool but i wasn't good in the 7th grade i must repat the grade but i could go in the 8th grade here in the vigeliusschool two my favorites subjects is math and sports after the 9th grade i will attend the 10the grade and after the i want to visit the police and there make my education in my free time i watch prison break this is a series and i like to sleep my favorite youtuber is julien bam i like his videos and my favorite actor is dwayne the rock johnson he plays in my favorite movie fast and fourious he os simply the best actor in the world and i like wrestling my favorite wrestler is roman reignes he is the boss he boxing always all together and he fights in wrestlmania against triple h to the wwe chapionship the chapionship is a belt with gold and now i talk from my last vaction my last vaction was in lebanon but i fande the holidays not nice exepct the sea was very nice and the moutains were also very nice and now i want to tell you something about new york city New York City is the largest town in the USA and has the nickname BIG APPLE. Over 8 million people live in New York and over a third was born outside the USA. New York has five boroughs: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx and Staten Island. The most important is Manhattan. Manhattan has lots of sights. One of these is Central Park. The Central Park are 5 km long and 800 m across. The Central Park was 1867 open. The Central Park has every Year 25 Million visitor. Popular sports in Central Park are jogging, biking, inline skating, football, baseball and walks. You can there picnic and relax, too. One other sights is Empire State building. It is the highest building in New York City and one of the highest in the world. The Empire state building is 381 meter high and whit the TV tower 449 m. It has 102 floors. New York City has lots of sight, too. The statue of liberty is one of them. It open 1886 and is 93 high. The Statue of Liberty is a symbol of freedom. Another sight is the Brooklyn Bridge. The Bridge is 1,8 km long and 26 m across. It is one of the oldest Bridge in New York. Manhattan and Brooklyn are joined with the Brooklyn Bridge. Everyday 100.000 cars drive over the Bridge. The Brooklyn Bridge was planned by the German American John August Roebling. A sight too is Chinatown. In Chinatown live 200.000 people. The most can little speak and read English. It is a City in New York where only Chinese live. There tourists like to buy souvenirs because it doesn’t cost much.

von rokahr2809, 29

Achte auf die Satzzeichen!
Und das englische Wort für "Ich", also "I" wird immer groß geschrieben.

Eigene Namen wie z.B. Pestalozzirealschule bleiben gleich und werden ebenfalls großgeschrieben.
"He, she, it - das S muss mit." Also heißt es: My dad doesn't live with me.

von JohannHilft, 32

Achte auf Punkte, Kommas und vorallem auf Groß und Kleinschreibung. Dazu: Ich glaube, dass man Freiburg groß schreibt. Druck den Text doch einmal aus und lass deine Eltern oder Bekannte drüber gucken. LG

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