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Ist diese Bildbeschreibung verbesserungswürdig?

Hier ist der Text: Einleitung: Bildbeschreibung - Englisch

Bildbeschreibung: Nur die Einleitung wird im unteren Text zum Lesen verfügbar sein. (Part1) In the commercial photography, created from the ‘’Unicef’’ helping organization is appealing to the civilization. In the background of the picture is situated some oil leaves in a green color. In front of the oil leaves are two woman hands looking out off the water. The right hand is standing above the left hand. Right is existing darkness. Left is more contrast then right. In the middle of the picture is lying on the left hand of the woman a soap, which is looking out of the water. On top you can see an image like a roof, which is formed with the left hand. Below the picture is standing a legend m. in the foreground. The headline illustrates ‘’ Clean Hands keep you healthy. “. Down to that headline is a subtitled headline what says: ‘’ Hands can be beautyfull but dirty hands carry germs and viruses that can make you sick. Frequently washing your hands with soap and clean water will help keep you safe from many illnesses including seasonal flu and bird flu. In the bottom right-hand edge of the picture is the illustrator and creator of the photography. That organization is called “Unicef”. The right hand, which is looking straight out of the water, is carrying a rose on its arm, direct right hand side to the soap.

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Part 2: The water is clearly blue. The Object that catches the viewer’s attention first is the white soap and the form of the right-hand. Then the viewer is directed towards to the légende m. and then your eye moves on to the symbol of “Unicef”. The most obvious element in the picture is the soap. Nevertheless apart from the central subject one can see the symbol of “Unicef” in the bottom left-hand edge of the picture. In addition to that the picture reveals a roof, formed with the hand of the woman.

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