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ist die written disussion gut so?

Video Games

Teenagers love viedeo games. But there are video games, important or good for teenagers? Here are advantages and disadvantages

My first Argument is, teenagers play every time and thats dangerous. They are lost the time feeling and get sleep problems and sleep then at the school and get bad marks.

My next point is viedo games make you stupid. The best example is my brother. He plays every time. If i talk with him about politic or other tehmse, you can see, he has problems to answered.

My last point is, play viedeo games is dangerous for your health. Your Ices become bad and you have  the most oft he time head pin.

On the other hand there are arguments for video games.

Viedeo games give you a free feeling. You can calm dawn, can relax and forget the terrible day.

Another important point for video games is the training for your brain. Video games can help you with special games to train your brain.

After looking of both sides, Im oft he opinion taht video games is a good thing. There can help us in terrible days and you fun who every you like

Bin ne Niete in Englisch nicht so streng sein ;)

von MrHilfestellung, 27

Deine Rechtschreibung ist grausig und argumentativ geht da sicher noch was, außerdem widersprechen sich "video games make you stupid" und "video games train your brain".

von LondonGirl1412, 12

Die Grammatik ist auch nicht richtig. Die Sätze sind meiner nach zu abgehackt, du solltest mehr Konjunktionen verwenden

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