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Ist das eine treffende Einleitung für eine Facharbeit über den american dream?

Ist das sprachlich gut?

  1. Introduction At the beginning of my work, I would like to give an explanation for choosing the topic “The American Dream “. Afterwards, I want to illustrate the structure of my work and give information about what I am going to focus on. I have never been to America so far but I am interested in going there so the topic “American Dream” caught my atten-tion. The American dream is very varied and gives a big spectrum for interpretations. This is what makes it so interesting for me because the American dream means for everyone something different. I decided to analyze the American Dream especially from the perspective of a German. In the first part I am going to explain what the Amer-ican Dream is. After that I continue analyze how the American dream has changed over the time in particular in relation to the values earlier and today. Furthermore I deal with the reasons why the German immigrant to the USA .In this case I again would like to compare the reasons with today and earlier .Afterwards I would like to point out how the live for the Germans has develop in America. Have they capt their culture or have they adapt themselves to the American culture. Finally, I conclude my work by preparing the question whether there is a “German Dream”?

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