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ich kann den ganzen Brief nicht einfügen weil er zu lang ist, aber kann jemand bitte die Fehler ausbessern und generell eine hilfreiche Kritik abgeben?

Dear hostfamily, to start things off I would like to thank you for being prepared to read this letter and more so for considering to welcome an exchange student (maybe even me?) in your family, your home and daily life. So because I don´t know anything about your family yet, I´m just going to tell you something about me and my life. My name is Ornella, but everyone calls me Nelly.. because it´s easier to pronounce I guess. I live in a very small, but extraordinary beautiful and deeply historical city named Vienna, Austria. I grew up with my parents, my sister, my grandparents, our cat and dog in a nice, sunny house next to the woods in the 19. district, which is in the north of Vienna. There I went to the "Döblinger Gymnasium G19" which is one of the best secondary schools in my hometown. Unfortunatly my parents got divorced when I turned 12 and that of course didn´t influence me in the best way. I didn´t understand why they had to go different ways in their life back then, but now that I´m 15 years old I do. Sadly I didn´t have the same way of thinking back then and started to get bad grades, because in that moment I didn´t have the will to learn and educate myself. And that in fact is the biggest regret in my life, because I am the most curious a person can get, when it comes to experience new things, cultures, traditions, food, life-styles, cities and the world in general and it´s the same with learning new things. I am a huge fan of astronomics, astro-physics, quantum-physics, math, philosophy and literature in the five languages I can speak , which would be German in the first place, Russian in the second, because my mother is from Russia, English, Hungarian not fluently and French also not fluenty). My mother knew that it was hard for me to cope with everything, because not only did my mum leave my dad, my sister moved out with her boyfriend and studied in Canada for two years, my grandmother died and my grandfather moved to a small village far away from us where I can visit him once in every three weeks and so did my mother and I move into an apartment in the 15. district where I couldn´t meet my friends that often and it took me an hour by public transportation from my home to my school, so she got me out of that school and organized homeschool for me so I wouldn´t have to stress about getting up early or having lots of homework at that time; in that time I had Insomnia and sometimes stayed awake for 2 days straight and there were times when I used to pass out from being so tired in learning lessons or when meeting my friends. Back then I still didn´t estimate Education a lot, so I didn´t listen to all the things that my teacher tried to explain to me and rather did different things than learning for school; no wonder I didn´t pass the year. All that sounds like a never-ending story, but no; It did end. Positivly.
After that finally understood that I was ruining my entire life by not getting proper education and started

von AstridDerPu, Community-Experte für Englisch & Grammatik, 5


Dear hostfamily (RS),

to (RS)

Das Fettgedruckte muss korrigiert werden.

Die Textmenge sprengt hier den Rahmen!

    Was du hier willst - noch dazu kostenlos - fällt unter
Dienstleistungen, von denen ein ganzer Berufszweig lebt (oder es
zumindest versucht).

    In geringem Umfang helfen hier Rechtschreib- und Grammatikprüfungen
der diversen Textverarbeitungsprogramme, z.B. bei MS Word. Diese
Prüfungen sind aber

    immer mit Vorsicht zu genießen und vom Google Übelsetzer und seinen tr.tteligen Kollegen lässt man besser die Finger.

Wenn du dir bei der Rechtschreibung eines Wortes nicht sicher bist, schaust du am besten in einem guten (online) Wörterbuch, z.B. bei nach. Bei der Grammatik helfen und

    Der beste Lektor ist immer noch der aus Fleisch und Blut - also der Mensch - und Qualität hat ihren Preis!

    :-) AstridDerPu

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