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Ich habe am Dienstag eine Mündliche Prüfung wo man sie selbst vorstellen soll ca.5 min.?

Hello today I want to tell you something about me and my family. My name is ... I`m ... years old.I was born on ... of... at ... I live in ahouse in... My hobbies are reading,listen to music and go shopping.My favorite book is... My favorite song is... and my favorite subject is math. I have turtels. After school I want to make an education as a saleswoman,and I would like to spend my holidays in France. That were now enough information about my.Now I want to tell you something about my family. My family consists of my mother, my father and my two sisters. This is my mother... she is... years old,she has two brothers ... and ... she works as a ... This is my father... he is... years old and works as an ... This is my youngest sister... she is ... years old.This is my sister ... she is .. years old.

was könnte ich noch sagen?

von LuckyStrikeSlv, 15

Füge Begründungen ein, z.B....

... my Hobby is reading, 'cause for me books are the best way a story could told combined with the imagination of the reader.

...especially I like the book XY, because the girl / boy / whatever in this book is very similar to me. We both do... bla bla bla...

Mit der Methode müsstest Du es gut strecken können.

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